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• 12/29/2018

Proposal for Wreck-It Ralph 3

After the success of Ralph Breaks the Internet, the second movie from Wreck-It Ralph, the directors and executive producers assume that they are only a couple of films and they are more than enough, and that Ralph has reached its point of maturity. But however there are first rumors about a supposed third movie, Phil Johnson says that maybe he could take Ralph to the real world printed in 3D, John C. Reilly believes he could go to space by satellite technology, but the real problem with these ideas is that they completely lose the most essential of a Wreck-It Ralph movie, the videogames & virtual adventures, Internet at least if I had things related to videogames (Online games like Slaughter Race), not even the ideas of the Disney wiki were convincing, so I made a Fan-Fic that I sent it as a proposal to Rich Moore on Twitter and Facebook, but it was a failure, and I chose a topic that objectively is the most logical to produce a third Wreck-It Ralph movie (Streaming Gaming & Indie cameos), is a demo with 3 chapters:

Chapter 1

Big lose in the Arcade

Years after the events of "Ralph Breaks the Internet", Ralph is still satisfied in the Litwak's arcade as the villain of the video game Fix-It Felix jr., He spend good moments with the other characters in the arcade and sometimes he chat with his "holophone" with her best friend Vanellope Von Schweetz, now in Slaughter Race.

Apparently his life in the life seemed great, until one day, the Surge Protector warns everyone from the Game Central Station that Mr. Litwak, the owner who gave life to the arcade, has died

(and that's the reason why he's been absent for days), after realizing to everyone that his death has been in vain and due to his old age, they made his funeral on Fix-It Felix Jr.

After the funeral, in the morning everything seems sadly quiet, but the death of Mr. Litwak means that the arcade will be closed forever, and with it his supply of energy that keeps the games alive will also end, because there is nobody anymore can pay the electricity bills of the electric company, so the company's electrician comes to deactivate all his arcade electrical systems, so all the characters panicked, Ralph tells everyone out loud that the only way out of the arcade before it's too late is go to the Internet, the Surge Protector he keeps denying and saying that it's a dangerous place, but Ralph convinces him that there is no other way and it's the only way to get out of a certain and imminent death.

Everyone enters the Wi-Fi router, and is still on and online, but only for about 3 minutes, and Ralph enters the last 3 seconds before they shut off the entire electrical system of the arcade, and venture again on a great travel to the Internet.

Chapter 2

From Internet to GameStream

Arriving on the Internet, Vanellope is glad to see his friend Ralph (who previously said that he would go with everyone to the Internet because the Litwak's Arcade was going to close forever), she is also accompanied by Shank (the hard pilot of Slaughter Race) who was slightly surprised to see so many old school characters without games where they could live, and she directs them to KnowsMore to find a new accommodation. 

Shank asks Knowsmore to search the largest and most popular online videogame site for the newcomers, and found the result, the website was GameStream (the streaming videogame website where players play remotely) and Knowsmore saw that there were too many for the individual automatic vehicles, so he called some netizens to bring vehicles for mass shipments, and in the end they were brought to GameStream with large vehicles with the form of 3-floors buses.

Wreck-It Ralph and all his friends come to GameStream and a strange character named B.E.V. (the boss of the GameStream website) welcomes them, asks everyone what the reason is because they come to the web and it was that their old home (The Litwak's Arcade) was finally closed, so he orders one of his assistants to take them to the central axis of the website.

Chapter 3

Moving into GameStream

Arriving at the central axis of GameStream, Ralph & your group they were attracted and surprised by an immense room with a cloud form, with hundreds and thousands of portals leading to numerous videogames on streaming, there are even cameos of game characters in most indies like Fez, Braid, Commander Video, VVVVVV, Shovel Knight, Shantae, Angry Birds, Minit, Cut & Rope, Cuphead, A Hat in Time, Pou, Celeste & and even from Minecraft & Tetris.

Ralph, Vanellope & the arcade friends they felt grateful that in the end they have a new place to live. Ralph answered to Vanellope that they could return to be together in free time as in the old days on the arcade and knew that for some reason she stayed on the Internet with the game of her dreams (Slaughter Race). 

The Sugar Rush Racers They asked Vanellope what racing game they could stay in, and she replied that maybe they can visit Slaughter Race, It seemed very cool to them when they answered, so they were accompanied by Shank and Calhoun (their adoptive mother) and directing to the portal where the mentioned game is also available. Meanwhile, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope & Fix-It Felix, set out to explore GameStream and find a game portal of their interest, until out of curiosity Felix looked and pointed out that his game was also there, only that this version was really the Fix-It Felix Online (a game who compiled the tribute to his 40th anniversary) and they went to that portal to find out how it is.

More chapters coming soon...

Deep down I think it would be better to leave it with only 2 movies, but this would have been a good way to do a third part.

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• 12/4/2018

Has anyone ever had this thought...?

Imagine if Ralph and Vanellope, in the movie, found FANDOM, then this wiki. I wonder what would've happened.

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• 11/21/2018

Wreck-It Ralph Wiki official sequel discussion thread!

(A leading note: A discussion on changes to the welcome message is currently still open but has had its announcement preempted by one for this thread.)

Wanna talk about the sequel? You can do it in this thread! (You could technically make your own thread but I figured post-release thoughts could all be organized in a place like this.) Since this is post-release... spoilers may abound in this thread!

I just saw it tonight (technically before its "real" release date), and it was wonderful. It wasn't perfect, but I definitely enjoyed it. I shared some more in-depth thoughts here on my Tumblr blog.

What did you think of Ralph Breaks the Internet?

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Ralph Breaks the Internet Wreck-It Ralph Wiki
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• 11/20/2018

Suggestion of changes to the welcome message

If you can, please take a look at this page: https://wreckitralph.wikia.com/wiki/User:Citrusellaeditswikis/New_welcome_draft

I started working on new/more comprehensive welcomes a few years ago and finally decided I wanted to try to get them out before the movie went out, but I wanted to try to give the community the chance to offer feedback. Please let me know which option in the "draft" section you think is better and any changes you think might be imperative.

It's possible I'll quick-enact the option I think is best after I see the film tonight, but this discussion will stay open for what I consider the "customary" week (maybe even longer). I'd only quick enact one option to begin with because the announcements system for wikis with the discussions extension can only accommodate one announcement at a time and I want to make a film discussion thread that will be highlighted sometime between now and tomorrow.

Any help you can provide regarding this welcome template update is much appreciated. Thank you for being editors of Wreck-It Ralph Wiki!

Citrusellaeditswikis/New welcome draft
Citrusellaeditswikis/New welcome draft Wreck-It Ralph Wiki
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• 11/13/2018

What happened to this game?

So I played this game as a kid and I was looking for it on the App Store just now but I can’t find it?

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• 11/8/2018

Where are the recolored Sugar Rush racers at in the end of the first movie and in the sequel?

We never get to see Citrusella, Nougetsia, Sticky and Torvald again after Sugar Rush reset. I mean, Citrusella and Sticky actually can be seen returning to the game. But after that, they disappear forever, as well the other recolors. Even their racing karts aren't in the game anymore. At first glance, I tought Disney just didn't want to animate them because they weren't important as the main racers, but I'm not sure about it. The recolors - according to all the Ralph Breaks the Internet trailers, promos and clips showcasing Sugar Rush - don't appear in the sequel. There are a few screenshots of the moment when the game is disabled. All the original racers are in Game Central Station but the recolored ones aren't. Also, there's a clip from the movie in wich the main racers are hosted in Felix's building. Again, no recolors there. My question is: what happened to them? Are they still alive? Did Disney forgot them?

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• 11/2/2018

Vanellope vs. Dom

Well whatever driving skills Vanellope may show in Sugar Rush or Slaughter Race during Ralph Breaks the Internet, I think she’s going to be a fine racing rival to a famous Fast and Furious street racing character, Dominic Toretto if he ever makes a cameo in the Internet.

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• 10/27/2018

SAD NEWS mario is not going to appear in Ralph breaks the internet

sorry folks looks like everyone's favorite video game plumber isnt going to show up in sequel at all sadly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3R1WNEopvA  

No Mario Cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Says Creators
No Mario Cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Says Creators YouTube
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• 10/14/2018

The Differences Between a Movie and Storybook

Sometimes a storybook from Wreck it Ralph act as spoilers for the upcoming movie while in the movie it is extremely different. Same could happen in Ralph Breaks the Internet since I somehow saw images of that storybook and I’m betting it might be slightly different once the movie is out.

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• 10/14/2018

What are the Sugar Rush Racers Up To?

Where are the Sugar Rush citizens going to live and what will they do during the movie until their game is fixed?

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• 10/10/2018

Is Ralph Breaks the Internet a mix of Ready Player One & Emoji Movie?

You wonder why I ask this question in the discussion? Well, due to the big number of references & easter eggs that it has, can be compared to two Internet-themed movies, to Emoji Movie, by the Internet brands, and Ready Player One, by the big number of pop culture characters (from Disney, Marvel, game companies, etc.). Does the truth make it more interesting, or less original?

The truth is that this film has a more complete range of cameos than in the predecessor, we can see both Sonic, Q*Bert and Zangief as Buzz Lightyear, Mulan, Ironman, etc.

And what do you think about this range of cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet?

(Screenshot of most of the first movie cameos under)

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• 10/3/2018

What cameo characters in the Wreck-It Ralph movies have you liked, or prefer more?

  • Bad Anons (Bowser, Eggman, Zangief, etc.)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Q*Bert & Pac-Man
  • Princesses (Belle, Anna, Mulan, etc.)
  • Others
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• 9/23/2018

Whereabouts of the Sugar Rush Characters

In the new trailer, Sugar Rush is getting unplugged. Where do you think the racers and citizens are going to stay throughout the movie until the game is restored?
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• 9/19/2018

Ralph Breaks the Internet doesn't reflect or fit the actual Internet situation

If you have read my blog "Ralph Breaks the Internet it's a bad proposal", then maybe you might be interested in this.

Yes, well, the film shows a fantastic vision of inside of the Internet as if it were a great futuristic metropolis. It shows many references and is based on the real-life Internet, but this movie was made to premiere in 2018, that in that year, the Internet is at it's worst moments.
A lot of changes have happened here in recent years, and several of them have been very serious and affected the Internet irreversibly, among which are:
Increase in cyber-espionage, massive theft of private data (as in the case of Facebook), lethal viruses that affected hundreds of millions of users as the Ramsonware, Wannacry, Spectrum, Meltum, etc., wide variety of websites censored in China, expiration of the Net Neutrality in USA (country of origin of the film) that became slow and more expensive connections for most users, and your data can be manipulated by the ISPs at any time (as in the case of firefighters in California, and Vietnamese foreigners, paying $13500 dollars for using half hour on an iPhone), and few states like Washington, Oregon and California are willing to recover the best part possible, and even the Copyright filters have become even more uncontrolled, putting claims to old public domain works such as Beethoven and Bach's music as if they were owned by Sony or any multinational, and the situation will get even uglier with the approval of the European Copyright directive of articles 11 and 13 for early 2019 (imagine Ralph and Vanellope entering in a website, and police robots come immediately to that expel them and don't let them pass, because they are owned by Disney, and their entry to the web violates Copyright, would make it too difficult to find a new steering wheel for Sugar Rush), with that directive, we won't be able to use content to do reviews or parodies, and this wiki would disappear.

In a few words, with all those negative events that the Internet has suffered, the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet doesn't reflect the present and future of the Internet, it really reflects the past of the Internet, it seems the Internet of 2015, or even previous, it's as if I didn't get all those problems (which sounds very nice and ideal, but the life isn't fair).
For the United States, this movie is bad nostalgia, for Europe or for the rest of the world, It's a letter and a goodbye gift from the most free days of the Internet for the users.

(below an picture as is the Internet that the protagonists should be find in reality)
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• 9/4/2018

Villain/Antagonist of Ralph Breaks the Internet

Who or what do you think could be the villain/antagonist of Ralph Breaks the Internet?
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• 8/16/2018

Overrating of the "Disney Princesses" in Ralph Breaks the Internet

This topic we had already discussed in the blog "Ralph Breaks the Internet it's a bad proposal", but this time I will talk more in detail about the overrating of these female characters as much of the fans as of the own Disney.

1. Origin of the "Disney Princess" term:
To better understand this matter, we talk about the origin of this all-star franchise. For me I think that since the game Kingdom Hearts arrived in 2002, the idea of joining princesses was normalizing and giving more relevance as a representation of the company.
If could say that from 2000 or 2001, the term "Disney Princess" became franchise to sell merchandising and toys for girls, that can compete easily with other franchises like Barbie, Bratz or even My Little Pony.
But over the years, this has been turning into a cancer and did nothing but lose the interest of the adult people, many products use recycled poses with the same dresses, they have even become a magnet for the toxic family-friendly of Youtube.

2. The true origin of each princess:
11 of 14 princesses isn't from Disney. Examples: Rapunzel It was created by the Grimm brothers in 1812, the same with Snow White. Ariel, Queen Elsa & Anna it was created by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen in mid 19th century & Mérida is from Pixar, but that is already mentioned in the movie, apart from being owned by Disney.
But when it's Disney who adapts his original work, classifies it as part of their property for these reasons: Every woman who has been singing, with magic, speaks with animals, who was kidnapped or enslaved and whose problems were solved by men in the film, is classified as "Disney Princess" and it is mandatory to be in the merchandising group with the other princesses.

3. The "Disney Princesses" they don't represent the Internet itself:
Unlike the cameo characters of the first movie, as Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Q*Bert, Sonic, Pac-Man, etc., it made more sense to add them, because they were the characters that represented the classic video games and didn't overshadow the protagonism of Wreck-It Ralph. The princesses in the sequel instead, They don't represent the Internet, but represent the Disney company. And it's logical that they can be in a Disney movie, but at this point, it has been unnecessary and they are only filling in the story, and even stole and supplanted the Ralph's role for the fans.
And now many people (especially children), are saying things like Wreck-It Ralph is a movie of "Disney Princesses", which is false and stupid, they are only guests of honor for a small and special fragment of a film that are generally adventures towards the virtual worlds of the videogames and the Internet, but these people interpreted them as if they were the ones that accompany their adventures, which makes it even more annoying, corny and tacky.

4. What about the new looks with modern clothes?:
We can all deduce that since Vanellope arrived, and accept her as a new member, the princesses they can now wear urban, modern and comfortable clothing to adapt to the 21st century, but that is a superficial change, mentally they are little changed, and on the fanart side, the girl with the modern look that started to be overexploited is Mulan, That was filled with tweets during the August of this year (2018). If this is successful, it will continue to be overrated, and with the new looks it will probably be a source of inspiration for a Disney Channel series, which shows the modern life of the princesses and would only last two or three seasons.

In my opinion, I don't see them so bad, on the contrary, they are very beautiful, but his songs aren't a pleasure for my ears, many of her animal or material friends they are annoying fools, the villains are horrible, and boyfriends of the most classics are "disgustingly handsome". The too much importance it has for Disney it brought them a serious lack of creativity, and the overrating brought by the fans brought them toxic fandom, not as much as My Little Pony, Undertale or Steven Universe, but if enough to end up being very hateful.
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• 8/11/2018

Sonic in Ralph Breaks the Internet?

Do you think that Sonic the Hedgehog or other Sega related characters return/appear in Ralph Breaks the Internet?
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• 2/28/2018

New Trailer Out Now!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss it!
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• 12/8/2017

Why Turbo has such a huge fanbase?

Evan though Turbo is a Disney villain, there are many pictures of Turbo. Why does he have such a huge fanbase? What do they like about him? Do you know any communities that are Turbo fanbases and stuff like that? If so, which Turbo groups do you recommend?
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• 11/27/2017

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