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Wreck-It Ralph: Alternate Ending (alternate Turbo's death and Sugar Rush saved scene)

This is the different ending when Ralph going to the Sugar Rush Castle to restore Vanellope's code, but he began to punch the King Candy's code. Turbo/Candy stops Ralph to destroy the King Candy's code, Turbo/Candy is turned into a Cy-Bug, mixing the King Candy's persona and Turbo's persona. Turbo/Candy confesses to Ralph that Turbo/Candy is the most powerful virus in the arcade, he tries to take over other games in the arcade, but not before killing Ralph, he thanks him and blames Ralph for ruining his life and for losing the race, he plans to get revenge. Ralph battle Candy/Turbo on the code, Vanellope comes and Turbo/Candy got her with his claws, Turbo/Candy tries to force Ralph to let Vanellope died, Ralph tries to force Turbo to let Vanellope go and force him to give back her code and Turbo/Candy says "never" and released her dropping it, Ralph tries to rescue her, Fix-It Felix and Calhoun rescues them with a rope. would be easier to defeat Turbo/Candy and the Cy-Bugs, Turbo/Candy began his evil laugh, Calhoun destroys the King Candy's code with her gun, Turbo/Candy gets horrified screaming saying "no", and the King Candy's code is destroyed and Turbo/Candy is being glitched and electrified by his death and the Cy-Bugs too. The Cy-Bugs and Turbo/Candy are get destroyed by the explosion, and Ralph and everybody are saved the game. Felix reprograms the Finish line, Vanellope cross her restoring her code, the Sugar Rush is restored and everyone memories are being restored.

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This is a different ending when Ralph battling Turbo in the Sugar Rush castle


The Alternate Ending of Wreck-It Ralph

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