• Fluffydipper

          Hello everyone, my name is Jake. It's my first time here so go easy on me. Especially on editing. I decided to come here to show my appreciation for this film as it's my favorite animated film. I wanted to contribute. This is one of my favorite cartoon franchises ever. I really enjoy Regular Show, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go, Clarence, We Bare Bears, Mighty Magiswords, Spongebob, Gravity Falls, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Pickle and Peanut, and South Park as well. I'm pretty much the world's biggest animation nerd. I just like my cartoons. Feel free to chat me about Ralph questions or anything else. Until then, let's see what happens, it's pretty dead here until the sequel. 


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  • Cstoczyn

    Wreck-It Ralph TV Series

    November 6, 2016 by Cstoczyn

    Will they make a TV series? Cstoczyn (talk) 16:51, November 6, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Hello, everyone. I must say, I haven't exactly been all that present besides reverting incorrect edits lately, but I'm probably about to drop off the face of the earth for a bit.

    Why? I'm moving. The house still has a lot of packing left to be done, and so it's best I cut off most of my non-essential internet browsing in order to put heavy focus on packing. I might still pop in, but I don't know that it'll be daily, hence me leaving a blog about it. The move is supposed to happen in early-to-mid-October, but I'm also factoring in that there will be unpacking and settling after the move as well. I don't know exactly how long I'll be gone, but I don't intend to be gone all that long, and I trust the wiki will be okay.

    After I get back, that's …

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  • Neorhaman


    May 6, 2016 by Neorhaman


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  • Beep's B

    I've always thought that Nougetsia was based off of regular ice cream and Adorabeezle wa based off of popsicles. This is because Adorabeezle pretty much has a blue-white skin tone (she literally looks frozen to death) and has bolder colors such as red and blue, which reflect the nature of popsicles and how they are meant to simply cool you off and be sugary. However, Nougetsia's outfit has softer colors, and a more normal skin tone, which mirrors the feeling you get after eating rich, flavorful ice cream, and cause it's cold, it make you wanna cuddle up in a blanket.

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    I need to send my computer in for repairs, so I might not be around for a few days. (I will have a loaner laptop but I might be checking in less frequently.) So it may take me longer to answer any questions or deal with possible vandalism or fanon.

    Thanks. - Citrusellaeditswikis (talk) 16:55, October 23, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    This isn't something I'm doing in one fell swoop, but I'm thinking of going through article comments and deleting old ones (maybe from over a year ago or so—on the whole thread for the comment) that aren't really relevant. Not, like, all comments; just the kind that are borderline spam (like, almost or somewhat on topic but more general or extremely speculatory and tend to attract occasional random comments if any comments at all. Letting the wiki know so that they can yell at me to stop if need be.

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  • Gurdy The Moogle


    June 2, 2015 by Gurdy The Moogle
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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Over the next week, I'm thinking of combing through as many galleries as possible to attempt to remove too-similar images. Comprehensive galleries are nice, but galleries that are TOO comprehensive just look cluttered and could also spell legal issues for the wiki (there have been sites that Disney has come after for having once-per-second screencaps; frame-by-frame could be even worse). I'm not planning on removing tons and tons of images here, just picking the best out of a frame-by-frame and removing the rest (this is also in line with the possible quality guidelines I'm working on getting ready to propose to you guys. Gifs will likely stay, provided they are not identical/too similar; if that happens, I'll probably choose a better one …

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Hello, just a quick note that I plan to spend little to no time here on Monday (May 25, EDT) due to birthday shenanigans. If for some reason anything REALLY BAD happens (that for some reason isn't bad enough to need staff... or you'd just rather I deal with it), please send an ask to my Tumblr (listed on my userpage); I'll see it there.

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  • VanellopeVS2


    May 23, 2015 by VanellopeVS2

    Vanellope's outfit is a mint green hoodie with a violet shirt under, a double layered brown skirt that represent the wrapping of peanut butter cut, green white and purple leggings, and small boots. The leggings are mismatched, one covered in broad mint green bands, the other is thinner mint bands and purple lines. They are designed to resemble candy cane stripes. Her hoodie laces and stitches are red and resemble licorice candies, such as Twizzlers. Her high ponytail is also tied with a Twizzler. The pink squiggles under Vanellope’s boots resemble icing. Vanellope also owns a red racing goggles.

    Some small facts of Vanellope: Vanellope was made a glitch and was treated badly bad everybody else. King Candy who is later revealed as Turbo hack…

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  • Peppermint Princess

    I don't usually trust rumors that much but I'm dying for this one to be true

    Right when I thought the fanon wiki was dead there's a slight chance of it being revived pretty soon

    Also for those who don't know, it's Sweet Eve. I made a new account since I wanted to rename my last one but couldn't since I had already previously renamed it

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  • Cynder rush

    >:) remember me?

    I'm back!!! But probably not for long :P

    If you want to contact me now go to my DA page here  or on the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki or MCFFW :D

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    I may make a forum thread on this later, but does a manual of style sound good to anyone? Basically, it would be a guideline (different from a policy in that it's good to follow/a nice thing to guide an editor, but it not an outright RULE), a guideline on best practices for writing and/or organization of an article. It doesn't have to be too lengthy or complicated, but I'm unsure what to include, and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks it could be a good idea.

    If you still can't visualize what a manual of style might be or just want examples, here are a few, from both Wikimedia wikis and Wikia wikis:

    • WP:MOS - The English Wikipedia's manual of style
    • simple:WP:MOS - The Simple English Wikipedia's manual of style (included here because it uses s…
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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    In accordance with my to-do list post, I have (things that have gotten done are crossed out):

    • Comb the wiki for fanart
      • Remove all fanart that has sat around unused for a length of time (maybe a month, maybe 6) — Most uncategorized pieces of fanart sitting unused for 3 months have been removed, save for a few.
      • Remove fanart that is being used if a source cannot be found or the art's author refuses to allow us to host it — I have to go slink around the internet to do this part, so it will need to wait until I have more time
    • Continue my character tagging (you can help!) — I have not done this lately, but Eric4e has picked up that ball.
    • Make some walkthrough pages for common wiki things that people tend to have trouble with and add them to the auto-…
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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Wikia has put it out there that maybe wikis should join in placing this banner in prominent areas on the wiki to raise awareness of the present US legislative situation on net neutrality or lack thereof (said simply, Congress here in America wants to sign a law that says that ISPs (places like Comcast, BellSouth (are they still in business?), anything that provides your internet) can more or less play favorites based on who it is in their best interest to give you the fastest; this means that an ISP can slow down your ability to access certain sites unless those sites or even you (or your parents) give them more money, while sites the ISP has deals with might come to you faster). Net neutrality means that ISPs have to treat all sites equa…

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  • King of video games 9

    I am back

    August 11, 2014 by King of video games 9

    Ok i was out of commision and btw a new wreck it ralph movie is comming

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Hi! I'd just like to announce I'm planning to do the following soon:

    • Comb the wiki for fanart
      • Remove all fanart that has sat around unused for a length of time (maybe a month, maybe 6)
      • Remove fanart that is being used if a source cannot be found or the art's author refuses to allow us to host it
    • Continue my character tagging (you can help!)
    • Make some walkthrough pages for common wiki things that people tend to have trouble with and add them to the auto-welcome
    • Other assorted things (including solving an AbuseFilter false positive)
    • Clean up articles
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  • Cartoonguy678

    Hello! I'm new to the wiki and I want to excite the world for Wreck It Ralph 2! It seemed to me that this wiki was lacking so I decided to join in and help out! Anyway, I hope you guys like me and I'll be editing away! Stay tuned!

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  • SmexyGlitch

    Editing on the wiki

    June 18, 2014 by SmexyGlitch

    Hi! c: I'm new around this wiki, name's SmexyGlitch but you can call me anything you want really xD (as long as it's not mean spirited or offensive)

    I have just began editing a few hours ago and I noticed it is really hard for new users to edit, since kind of all pages are protected....

    I can only edit a few pages, like the pages of the minor characters and voice actors of characters with small roles such as the Sugar Rush racers

    I don't know if this is a bug, glitch, etc. but you should really fix this, because it gets really hard to even want to keep editing on the wiki!

    No wonder why this wiki has been to stopped lately...

    SmexyGlitch :3

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    I felt an intense need to write a blog about it. (It's late and I've had a bad day, so excuse if the tone sounds too angry, though a bit of anger would have happened regardless.)

    Some fanart that is similar or identical to some that has been uploaded/deleted from here was added to the Wreck-It Ralph Wikipedia article.

    This wiki has rules against fanon and fanart.
    Wikipedia (and Wikimedia Commons even more so) have VERY STRONG policies against copyright violations as well as strong, researched policies regarding the addition of fair use images to their wikis. Way stronger than ours. A fanart image is not acceptable for encyclopedic discourse on their wiki. It is also not acceptable for coverage in articles here in 99.999999999999999% of cases. …

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  • Wikiman117

    I have thinking about some Idea's and what the opening of the sequel should be, and a few other plot details that might work in the Movie so here they are.

    The movie begins with an opening shot of the arcade showing not only the building, but also some clouds arriving above the arcade, after which the next few shots show a few people playing on the arcade machines, and a few new games. However just as Ralph is thrown off of the Niceland Apartment, just as some dude that is about to win Hero's Duty, and just as the Moppet Girl is about to win another race with Vanellope. The arcade is struck by a lightning bolt, cutting off the power to the arcade, however just as the game characters are about to get sucked into that vortex from the lie that…

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    So, next week, hopefully after the completion of the site's file policy, I'm going to get back into file work!

    What this means:

    • Categorizing fair use images into their appropriate "images of" category (I'm still on Vanellope, presently)
    • Catching up on fair use tagging
    • Deleting files that don't follow policy
      • This includes duplicates, though those aren't inherently a policy violation
    • Some other stuff

    Tagging and categorizing will largely be done by my bot, so you won't notice it unless you hang around images A LOT or you view Recent Changes (not Wiki Activity) with "show bots" clicked.

    Anyways, thought I'd put out an update/heads-up!

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  • K9luvthatLeo


    May 4, 2014 by K9luvthatLeo

    Who likes Minty Zaki? I like Minty Zaki.

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    It's my vacation!

    Past about Saturday, I will pretty much (hopefully!) be able to devote more time here.

    Some of the things I plan to do:

    • More image categorization (with bot)
      • Maybe some cleanup/deletion of images when they're more organized
    • Some article cleanup (me)
    • Image license tagging (, etc., could be bot or me)
    • Template ideas being created in my subpages
    • Policy flesh-outs (any policy drafts are visible/editable at User:Citrusellaeditswikis/Policy ideas, and anything completely new (as opposed to clarification of existing policy) will probably have a forum topic asking if it is appropriate to add)
    • Making this wiki extra super duper awesome!

    From now until tomorrow-ish, I may be caught up in making a final project for one of my classes, but rest …

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    With finals arriving next week along with move-out for my dorm (and the fact I've gotten sick, though that's comparatively minor), you may see me on less in the next 2-3 weeks as I finish up school for the year and move back home for the summer. Just a heads up.

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    I was about to ask this on one user's wall, but I decided to make a blog post to perhaps garner more attention from more people. (It's not "big" enough for a whole forum thread, though, I feel, so...)

    I've been working on a potential template for the top of policy pages at User:Citrusellaeditswikis/Template playground/WikiPolicy. But I'm not sure which looks best. There's a Calhoun themed one and a Vanellope themed one.

    This one has a bit of a "rules" theme, as you can see.

    This one matches the "branding" (if you will) of the community corner message visible in the recent activity page, a message currently talking about policy as well.

    The wording of both was adapted from Wikipedia's policy template. The consensus line, while not hard-and-fast…

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Hey! You there! Yeah, you! You ever wanted to be part of a great wiki, but one that needs a little help and polishing?

    Then this wiki is the wiki for you!

    Help with content creation! Help with image tagging! Categorizing! Reverting and warning vandals! Template creation! I'm sure you have the skills to be a great help here!

    So what are you waiting for? Start editing!





    Okay, so truthfully, I know most of the people who look at this are probably not people who really need to see the message (that is, they already help here). But I'm starting to get a weird "in over our heads" feeling, like this wiki needs too much work in too many areas for our small ragtag group. Page work is down to nothing. Vandals are swinging by and blanking thin…

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  • Wintermelon43

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    I'm about to remove all the images from Category:Images. This is being done so that, after I finish categorizing the fair use ones, I can move on to other images (particularly fanart) just by using the uncategorized image list.

    Just didn't wanna freak anyone out if they have recent changes set up to see bot edits.

    EDIT: Done.

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  • Detoxgamer

    Good bye guys

    March 17, 2014 by Detoxgamer

    Goodbye guys, for I know I'm getting block by one of the admins, most possibly by JosephHawk. But one thing you gotta give me credit for. I made all the way to #6 on the leaderboards in just 2-3 days since contributing to the wiki. I know that once I'm blocked, all the points and badges will be for nothing, as they will be deleted. I just want you guys to know that JosephHawk is a bully who threats and abuses his admin powers. End of story.

    PS: I may come back in the future

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis


    March 12, 2014 by Citrusellaeditswikis

    I will be deleting some pages that got some serious vandalism that extended to their edit summaries in order to do a pseudo-revision-deletion. Basically, I'm deleting the pages and then restoring them without the bad edits in order to remove some offensive edit summaries. The page won't be gone for more than a minute or two. Many of these pages are comparatively important, so I figured I'd give everyone prior notice before I did this so they didn't think I'd jumped off the admin train or had my account hacked.

    This will happen after I eat lunch, so sometime in the next 45 minutes, probably.

    Thank you. :P

    EDIT: In other news, there's no edit button. What happened? I can still access the actions because I know how to get to them... but what? (B…

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  • Not a Girlie GIrl

    Alright, I've hard about Wreck-it Rakph 2 being about Mario and the internet... I really don't think this is true, I've heard they'll have Super Smash Bros. Characters (Link, Yoshi team, ect....), and I really just want to see more Sugar Rush! I have a big soft spot for Sugar Rush, personally, I want to see more of the characters that were only seen in a few scenes. For example:

    1. Gloyd Orangeboar. He was the HARDEST for me to tack down in the 20 something times I've seen the movie. He was one of my favorite characters, in the 4th time through the move, I turn to my friend and say, "Hey, *friend name*. Who's that guy? I didn't see him before...." I got a, "Oh, him? That's Gloyd Orangeboar! One of my favorites!" from *friend's name*. 
    2. Swizzle M…
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  • HawkerEnigma

    My first blog

    March 9, 2014 by HawkerEnigma

    Geez guys, I just got to this wiki, and already I see admins blocking users just out of curiousity of their ages and other simple idenity. Are wikia sites suppose to be like this??

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    It's my spring break, and while I don't have anything really exciting occurring re: vacations or the like, I do have something else exciting to do:

    A paper!


    ...Though in all honesty, the fact that this paper is not complete is the only reason I haven't yet gotten into Teachers College at my school. So it's really important I write it, because getting closer to becoming a teacher is exciting!

    As for what that means here, starting Sunday, I will be on less because I need to work. I will still pop in at least once a day, and I'll make a blog post when it's finished, but expect to not see me on for long stretches of time... unless the wiki explodes or something. O_O

    Anyway, I'll be seeing ya!

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    This one is a short post, but Wikia has created a new resource for learning editing called Wikia University. It only has basic tip videos right now, but they're planning on expanding to more advanced editing tricks as they go on. The link is below if you'd like to check it out!

    Wikia University

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  • Joseph Lu

    Country Release Date
    United Arab Emirates November 1, 2012
    Hungary November 1, 2012
    Kuwait November 1, 2012
    Lebanon November 1, 2012
    Philippines November 1, 2012
    Russia November 1, 2012
    Ukraine November 1, 2012
    Bulgaria November 2, 2012
    Canada November 2, 2012
    Mexico November 2, 2012
    Romania November 2, 2012
    United States November 2, 2012
    People's Republic Of China November 6, 2012
    Bangladesh November 7, 2012
    Serbia November 8, 2012
    Montenegro November 8, 2012
    Portugal November 8, 2012
    Indonesia November 9, 2012
    India November 9, 2012
    Iceland November 9, 2012
    Vietnam November 9, 2012
    Kazakhstan November 18, 2012
    Egypt November 21, 2012
    Czech Republic November 29, 2012
    Israel November 29, 2012
    Malaysia November 29, 2012
    France December 5, 2012
    Austria December 6, 2012 …

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Not cats like the animal, but cat as in short for category. I'm planning on beginning to categorize images based on topic, and this will probably be done with my bot, much in the way I went through and tagged images for fair use. Below is an example of some tentative tag heirarchy. The top categories are already-extant ones here, and the images will be placed in subcategories/"children" of those, as opposed to the main ones. If I've listed something below two "top" categories, that just means it will be a subcategory of both, as there can't be two categories with identical names.

    All categories' names are presently tentative. It is also possible some of the "top" categories I'm listing are subcategories themselves (for instance, the Sugar R…

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    It's official—PurpleCitrusTagBOT is an official bot, flagged and all! Expect it to begin tasks... eh, whenever I get a good chunk of time, probably, to plan things.

    And soon, it shall take over the whole of the wiki and become supreme ruler... I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!

    ...Okay, all jokes aside, I was actually specifically pledged to make sure it didn't, quote, "achieve sentience and attempt to destroy humanity". It's my slave, and I'm its owner, and if it's doing something bad during one of its edit sprees (which will happen when I have lengths of time where I can run AWB without it getting disturbed (i.e. nights and weekends)), tell me on my wall/talk, or if you're an admin, you can either immediately block it (which elimi…

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    Felt like announcing it!

    The template appears as below:

    The template should be used on the lower quality of two identical (or virtually identical) images. In the case of images identical in every way, I'd personally pick the better file name, but theoretically, either could be tagged in that case.

    I'll be going through to replace some of the standard deletion templates I've placed on some file pages with this if this is the one that fits, and later (probably after my bot is approved/flagged), I'll be going through and finding more duplicates and tagging them as such.

    (The template's page can be found at Template:Duplicate.)

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  • King of video games 9

    i will be inactive because i have catching up to do in school if pikachu unblocks me off the poptropica wiki lemme know

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    (Wow... are these blogs ALL going to be dry? But yeah, ran into an issue and decided to make a post about it.)

    Anyways, it's your image whiz (well, okay, not THAT far) here. It seems a lot of images here are uploaded with generic filenames (1, photo, screenshot, image, untitled), but if you're not careful, you can overwrite another image on the wiki that also had that generic filename! (For an example, check out the history on . Two completely different images that may need to be split.) I don't know if name changing is an option with the upload toolbar button, but in Special:Upload, you can give a file any page name you want on the wiki, even if you don't want to change its name on your computer (i.e., you could have a file named untitled.…

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  • TangyPin

    Theories for WIR 2

    February 1, 2014 by TangyPin

    So, does anyone have any possible theories for Wreck- It Ralph 2, because I'd love to hear them. For example, what character cameos will we see, and which characters do you think will return.

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  • Citrusellaeditswikis

    (Just kidding, I know I could use this blog for fun stuff, but this post particularly was a dry topic I felt the need to cover, so... there. And it's my first! It's number one! :P)

    So, what do I plan to cover in this post? Mainly my pursuits on the wiki, what I've been doing, what I plan to do.

    So what are these things?

    (I thought about putting "I can fix it!" in a colon after the above header... but it sounded too stuck up so no.)

    I've been using AutoWikiBrowser to perform large edits on untagged images. Thus far, the backlog on tagging copyrighted/fairuse images is largely dealt with, and attention can be devoted to other things, like deletion tagging duplicates (perhaps with some stuff I'll cover later) or properly tagging and/or attributin…

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  • King of video games 9


    January 26, 2014 by King of video games 9

    Who is tithe most smartest character in wreck it Ralph?! In my opinion it is felix

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  • Astrofan1

    Recently, I found that during the scene where the racers destroy the Likkity Split, the order that the racers came in was wrong. In my personal opinion, the correct order, from when they were coming down the hill was Taffyta, Rancis, Candlehead, Swizzle, Gloyd, Crumbelina, Snowanna, Minty, Adorabezzle, and finally Jubileena.

    If anyone as a different opinion, I'm not opposed to hearing them.

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    It's been a while since I posted a blog, but I'll be inactive due to my school work and study habits. Hopefully, before summer, I'll see you all again! But my study habits aren't bad, the work just got harder. See you this summer!

    I'll still be around, just not as much. I have papers and stuff to do (waiting for it all year, really), so I'll see you when I see you.

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  • Wintermelon43

    The tran-pacific partenship is now here. This is ORSE than sopa, or pipa. MUCH worse. This affects the WHOLE world as well.

    This will do:

    • Exactly what sopa tryed to do (but worse)
    • Makes medicine more expensive, causing poor people to die
    • Bans anime and manga
    • Strictly censer the internet
    • circumvents worker and environment protections.
    • expands economic inequality;
    • Makes Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam not free anymore.
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  • RICHARD8bit

    When I'm bored.

    January 10, 2014 by RICHARD8bit

    I was bored, so i decided to do the probable origin of the karts. Many of them are incorrect (I THINK). I didn't put the Candy Kart because i don't know about his origin. (Sorry for my bad english)

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  • RICHARD8bit

    Meanwhile in Chile.

    January 7, 2014 by RICHARD8bit

    I know this is not related to the Wikia but is critical.

    There is a big problem in Santiago due to the amount of smoke produced by forest fires (Many of them are intentional). This is the situation in the zone where i live.

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