• JosephHawk

    Most Dramatic Moment ;)

    January 4, 2014 by JosephHawk

    In the WIR movie, there were a couple of dramatic moments. Such as when Ralph wrecked Vanellope's cart, or when Calhoun found the cybug nest in Sugar rush, or in the ending, when it appeared Ralph was going to die.

    My personal favorite is when I found out that King Candy was Turbo. Quite a shocker for me. ;)

    So tell me, what is your favorite?

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  • Sweet Eve

    King Candy's kart's name

    December 31, 2013 by Sweet Eve

    Hey, everyone. Wreck-ItEve105 here. Just wanted to say I recently got Disney Infinity for my birthday (bought it with the money I received) and I noticed something interesting.

    You know, sometimes on the Toy Box, small boxes called Chests will appear and tell you to bring the matching hero? That happend to me a few days ago. Hopefuly, I had the Vanellope figure to open it (I got the Vanellope figure from the start with the Starter Pack).

    When I found out it was King Candy's kart, it was a huge surprise to me (since the only time I saw King Candy's kart on the game was on Rapunzel's figure trailer).

    But, something very interesting I noticed, is that the name of the object (when you go to place it on the toy box) is King Candy's Royal Racer.

    I'm n…

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  • WikiaGirl2000


    December 28, 2013 by WikiaGirl2000

    Well Christmas is over aaaanddddd.... I got a Turbo POP! vinyl figure! I also got some cool adventure time stuff, some star wars things, and lots of other stuff that I like. (Can't wait till next year!) Well that's pretty much all I have to say though....

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Wow, what a year! What a year, I repeat! So many events, up and down! Been quite a rollercoaster of a year, now hasn't it? Let's review the amazing progress this wiki has made through the year!

    1. January 21st: Our beloved admin and user, Taffyta joined the wiki. Also, the awesome Chat Mod Wintermelon joined.

    1. March 16th: I joined the wiki.

    1. April 19th: Little Miss Sweets, AKA Citrusella Flugpucker, graced the wiki with her entrance.
    2. April 6th: Issymail joined the wiki.
    3. April 22th: Kactis-Hug joined the wiki in his total Cacti-loving awesomeness.

    1. Well, for one, summer break started, so we got an explosion of users.
    2. May 10th: That day. You know the one. Where Pikachu4807 (Also known as awesome. Mainly by me) joined the wiki.
    3. May 30th: Sapphire Stardust …

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  • TurboGirl

    I have a question!

    December 1, 2013 by TurboGirl

    What's King candy's real name? I don't me Turbo. Does he even have a real name?! I was just curious.

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  • Nikki Van Davis

                          Name: Victoria Von Peppermint *click read more to see pics of my racer*

                    Theme: Peppermint      

                    best friend: Vanelopee and                                      good friens: other racers              

                   Speed: 96%

                  Sarcasm: %50  

                 Handling: %55                                                        candy coating: %60

                  Sweetness: %95

                  Popularity: %90

                   Heart: %100            

                   Mischeif: %10

    other pics of my racer and her kart:

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  • SapphireStardust

    Helping this Wiki

    November 20, 2013 by SapphireStardust

    Hello! I've noticed that this wiki is doing great in regards to how the articles look, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to continue on helping this wiki to grow and thrive? The articles look great, have plenty of information and the galleries have lots of good pictures. I have been going through random articles and correcting any grammar, punctuation or spelling errors that I can find (which has been difficult since like I said, the articles are perfect.)

    I would love to hear everyone's ideas on how to keep helping this wiki. I know that there is going to be a sequel, which will give us opportunities to add more info, but what can we do to help this wiki now? I love this movie, and really enjoy this wiki and everyone on it; that …

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  • Redcade-Studio

    What is a Fanon?

    November 12, 2013 by Redcade-Studio

    I know Wreck-It Ralph Wiki Fanon is a fan site it's good enough everyone like.

    But not quite, the wiki said "Fanon", your talking about Frantz Fanon, Wreck-It Ralph Fanon, is not a name the wiki isn't suppose to be a fansite it's a History site in the Wikipedia, I said renamed Wreck-It Ralph wiki, without a person name who famous.

    It's your choice...

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  • Redcade-Studio

    When Turbo-Time was unplugged while its out of order for good, is there anything about scraping the arcade from the scrap yard, of the engineers fixed the game pernemitly and send back to Litwak's Arcade on the second movie of Wreck-It Ralph 2.

    If the Turbo is back, these means he'll take revenge on Ralph; or not. What if The Turbo was reboot just like a computer SPAM, whould he still has grayish color skins with yellow eyes, or white skin with clean eyes and teeth.

    Like Monsters University when Turbo-Time is plugged in to Game Central Station, the Turbo, and the Twins will meet Fix-It Felix.Jr and Wreck-It Ralph.

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    It's finally here! I've gained admin rights on my other wiki (Poptropica Wiki), the problem is that I have signed to become a bureaucrat as well, but I've gotten limited results all from a simple enforcement of the rules. So, I've come to my loyal and best friends for help, meaning all of you. If you would like, click on the link below for the signing. Also, there are other options as well, like Support, Oppose, Neutral, and the Comments. So I suggest for commenting too on there as well. I'll inform the user if they get any replies on their comment (if posted). Thanks guys!

    Thank you for your support too!

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    As the title explains, it's Wreck-It Ralph's birthday. It's now one years old!

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  • MyHuuse123


    November 2, 2013 by MyHuuse123

    wow,new way to post!

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  • Cynder rush

    Argh. Now you've read the title, I will regret it for all of my life.

    Here is my pathetic awesome fanfic called ATTACK OF THE CY-BUGS or something like that. I didn't dream up the name either.

    (Try to) enjoy!

    Sugar Rush was in a terrible state. Cy-bugs from Hero's Duty had destroyed almost everything, had run out of things to eat and so therefore began to chase the racers. Screaming, the racers made for the exit to Game Central Station, however Vanellope tripped and cut her knee. Caramell poured out.

    "TAFFYTA!!!" She screamed. Her best friend turned around just in time to see a huge Cy-bug draging her back by the leg. The pain must have been excruciating.

    Luckily, a grey blur came from seemingly nowhere and a blast of air hit the Cy-bug in the fa…

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  • JosephHawk


    October 20, 2013 by JosephHawk

    Hello everyone!

    I just reached 1,000 edits total on this wiki! I am very happy that I have been able to be part of such as wonderful wiki, you guys are all just amazing. :) I am very thankful I joined this wiki, and was able to meet all of you. Even when I made "editing mistakes" upon my initial joining of the wiki, you guys were still kind and welcoming. We have had many ups and downs since I have been here, such as Winxclubfan1 and other spammers :P, but we all stayed together and helped one other. Unlike some other wiki's I work on, where everything is very practical and non-interactive, this one has been like my cyber-wiki-family :P. I hope I can stay around here for another thousand more edits, and with you awesome people! 

    May this wik…

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  • Wintermelon43

    I GOT 250 MAINSPACE EDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Wintermelon43


    October 18, 2013 by Wintermelon43

    Just wonduring, but why does fanon matter? they aren't doing anything but adding pictures! 

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  • Cupcakeknight12


    October 12, 2013 by Cupcakeknight12

    so if you haven't heard of phan it's a ship it you don't know whats shipping is run for your life now,ok moving on

    i love that ship,its my favorite so yeah

    phan is is dan and phil

    oh you don't know dan and phil

    phil-youtuber username:amazingphil

    dan-youtuber username:danisnotonfire

    I won't give you links to the channel

    but yeah....................................


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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Enough Is Enough

    October 12, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Alright, I know Sapphire already made a blog post about this, but for the past few weeks, I've seen way too many users coming on here to roleplay and post fanon pictures. Honestly, it's really annoying to come on here and see loads of fan art posted along with many roleplay users coming on here as well.

    Does anyone agree with my statement? Because I think I've seen and warned enough roleplay and fanon art users, at least some users move to the fanon wiki and don't bother with our wiki anymore. But some users keep coming back and they post more fan art, recolors, and they still roleplay. We're also getting a lot of spammers and trolls, which isn't right for our wiki. What do you suggest that we do about them?

    I think this should be stopped, n…

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  • TokyoNightmare

    Recolor Mania!

    October 12, 2013 by TokyoNightmare

    Hi! Just Like The other Users Im Making a Lot of Recolors

                                                                                                                          Name: Frostella Freizienberg

    Theme: Orange and Cyan Ice Popcicles

    Recolor of: Candlehead\Bluehead

    Kart: The Freizienkart

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  • Adoracynder

    I was just thinking who you might like. Because I saw people not liking Adorabeezle and they're posting bad things about her and other disliked racers. I know some users here are not like that. So tell me, who is your racer?

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  • RedEnergyUser

    If Ralph says, "Children of the Candy Corn" which means Children of the Corn from the horror movie.

    If the Sugar Rush racers sees there selves in the mirror taking about Children of the Candy Corn stuff and then it reshape the refetion of the racers and show the rotton texture on them like Super Smash Bros series has the recolor of the fighters, in the system of Nintendo 64.

    Under the small cliff with a green candy through of ring pop.

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  • RedEnergyUser

    Enter the Fix-it Felix Jr. Ralph, Vanellope, Calhoun, The Racers and Nicelanders were looking for Felix just in case Felix wasn't in the game.

    1. [Ralph]: Felix?! Felix where are you!?
    2. [Calhoun]: Fix-It, Honey, where you at?
    • Gloyd pop out of Ralph's stump, then Rancis pop out too.
    1. [Gloyd]: Yo Fix?
    2. [Rancis]: Are you there?
    • Vanellope pop out the pot of plant, the freezer, and the roof pool.
    1. [Vanellope]: Felix wasn't in the Hotel.
    2. [Taffyta]: We look everywhere.
    3. [Gene]: The only Felix we saw, is the hologram of Felix.
    4. [Ralph]: And Ralph you can say.
    • Outside of the arcade, two obejects of Felix and Ralph in demo play.
    1. [Torvald]: Shimmer me timber. If Felix is outside of his own game...
    2. [Roy]: He'll won't regenerate!
    3. [Felix]: That's because I only have 5 Live be…
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  • Wintermelon43

    As the title says. The reason is because well the main chat i go on (pvz wiki chat) sudenly about a month ago went inactive and only like two other people went on chat since. One of them i chatted with a hour ago maybe and did a tiny little "extremly mini joke+troll thing not meant to work" and he susdeny went into big arguement about how partheic it is. I said the facts (it wasn't soppsoed to work) but he woudn't stop. i was THIS close to going GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and then leave but before so, he went "I'm avoiding social contact with you for a while and left" idk, how long,maybe a couple of days?, but this means i have like 1 person to chat with there which doesn't say much. so well, that'll be boring. so, what am i gonna do? chat here mo…

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  • Cynder rush

    Firstly, it's a day of school today! So I visited the new nature reserve near where I live. But that's not what this blog is about.


    One I had been trying to get for MONTHS, literaly.


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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    As you all know, I like to share my art with my friends. Here's a 50 character meme I did for a while. Including WIR characters of course. But these are my top personal 50 favorites in no particular order.

    Feel free to enlarge it if you want, but it's kind of obvious from this view. This has been another Pikachu4807 project!

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  • Vaulthuntermordecai4

    queation blog 2

    September 22, 2013 by Vaulthuntermordecai4

    this is my queation blog his week is about what is you fav show my fav show

    • doctor who
    • tmnt

    this all of the shows i can think of but tell me what show you like:)

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Okay, so we've all been wondering what WIR2 will be like. But I've came up with some recent theories that could help.

    So, if you remember the movie, Tron is a console game. If the main characters are going to get into this game, then Litwak has to plug it in. Because we didn't see them in the first movie for some reason, the characters will most likely be brand new to Game Central Station and they would be oblivious to the previous events.

    This is obviously negative from the announcements and the respawning rules. While my hopes were high of him returning seeing Turbo die the first time I saw the movie, I realized afterwards that he wasn't returning. However, he might have slight cameo's in the flashbacks. Alan Tudyk would be very busy if he…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Alright, I know I've been missing, and I have a very good reason for it. Okay, so my uncle came down with, well, something, and I've been his fav family member, so naturally I took it into my hands to help him. I was caring for him all this time, and don't worry, now he's better. I wanted to come online, but it was hard for me to juggle my uncle, school and a job at the same time.

    Anyway, now I'm back, and while I'm not totally free, I can come and contribute and talk to you guys. Anything new around the wiki? I hope so! Any questions or anything, you're free to ask.

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  • Cynderheart


    September 14, 2013 by Cynderheart

    I am  the Proud Founder of  Turbo Time Roleplay Wiki and I'd be happy if anyone on this wiki would help me on the new wiki I made please and thank you

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  • A kid dat goes to school

    I have a wreck it Ralph shirt

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  • Shygirl101

    Wreck-It Ralph | The Newbie

    "Emergence, return to your game immediately" the robotic voice boomed over the loud speakers.

    Shygirl101 (talk) 10:29, September 9, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Cynder rush

    This is why

    September 5, 2013 by Cynder rush

    The reason why I haven't been on this wiki recently is because... drum roll please... I AM NOW AN ADMIN ON HE

    SUGAR RUSH RACERS WIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But because that wiki is a new wiki, there's a lot to do and it's improved a lot since I came there (E.G, Before it only had a page for Taffyta, now it has, like, loads!) so I have a lot to do! This means I will be buisy, and won't see much of you wonderfull people here on the WIR wiki. I also won't see the people on the GC&B wiki or Spyro wiki (but I don't go on the Spyro wiki much anyway) so don't take it p…

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  • Wintermelon43

    First Day Of School

    August 26, 2013 by Wintermelon43

    It's the First Day of School :'( so now it's fall :P jk.will now i'm not as active because i'm not active at about well... like half of my active time (oh wait i was never active since walt disney world lol).Anyways i useally sing a remix of the best day ever song on this day and change it to worst day ever.Here it is: (note:DON'T LOOK IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPONGEBOB.THE SONG UNDER HERE IS A COMPLETY CHANGED VERSION IF A SPONGEBOB SONG)

    Mr. Sun came up and he frowned at me,
    Said "It's gonna be a bad one, just wait and see!"
    Walked out of bed and I walked very slowely outside,
    Feeling so extra unstatified!
    It's the Worst day ever!
    (Worst day ever)
    It's the Worst day ever!
    (Worst day ever)
    I'm so unbusy until school got everything to do,
    Spent the last tw…
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  • Rainingcatsanddogs

    I am new to this wiki and would like you to ask me some questions about myself.

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    First time drawing these two. But they turned out okay. I suck at eye's.... -_-

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  • Cupcake Zombie

    A quick quiz

    August 23, 2013 by Cupcake Zombie

    Here is a little quiz,I will put up pictures and you tell me what I have changed!

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  • Purpleprince

    GSC transport

    August 20, 2013 by Purpleprince

    Hi guys!

    i was wondering how GSC charachters move around! by the wire? or electricity? becoz if electricity, they could have a national network of game characters! :D

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Poll From Me

    August 19, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    This is going to be weird coming from me, but as some (mostly all) of you know that I'm a Chat Mod. But here's a poll, if you would like to fill out.

    I'm doing my best, but please don't think I'm being greedy. If you disagree, that's fine, because as the saying goes "Beggars can't be choosers". But please give your reasons why in the comments.

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  • Ausllyaddictforeva1

    Hi.Im new to this wiki and I came to check it out because I LOVE this movie.So I went to chat.Guess what happened??They banned me why??I don't know.First of all I wasn't even talking at the time they banned me I came back to talk to them.Have a nice conversation and it says I've been banned!All I wanted to do was come greet them.Is that a crime??If not then why exactly was I banned?I don't see why.I repeat I wasn't even talking then!And you guys banned me for nothing!Was it because I wanted to greet you or something??Because I wasn't being mean,I wasn't talking at the time.Seriously!?!I can't like this wiki or something??I can't have a nice conversation with you guys??Wow.

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  • SapphireStardust

    I've noticed over the past couple of weeks, some users making accounts just to roleplay. Honestly, it's getting super annoying and is making me mad. Why? It does state in Help:Do's And Don'ts and Wreck-It Ralph Wiki:What Wreck-It Ralph Wiki Is Not that this is not a roleplaying site and that roleplaying should be limited to the chat (if everyone is willing, or private message if everyone is not) or on the Wreck-It Ralph Fanon wiki.

    As most of you are aware, I believe in following the rules and that the rules are there for a reason. It upsets me that some people refuse to read or follow the rules and blatantly roleplay, even after being asked to stop at times. Roleplaying is fine, but please be aware that this is a CANON wiki, not a FANON on…

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  • Vaulthuntermordecai4

    ok this is my question blog i will have a new queation for 20 days so here we go oh... and i will add a pic everyday

    day 1

    what is your favorite game? i have a lot

    1. borderlands 2
    2. gears of war
    3. mortal kombat
    4. batman arkham city

    ok whats your this is my game last bye for today:) oooohhhhh..... the pic

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    For my friends

    August 7, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Similar to my popular post for the collages, I've found a neat trick for Pic Monkey. Here's the example:

    Yup, that's mine ^. I'll gladly make some for other user's, thus being WIR related. Give me the character, and I'll try my best to make yours! Plus, tell me how I did on your's through the message wall, I like feedback. 


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  • Vaulthuntermordecai4

    Awesome it's my birthday is to day and can you tell me happy birthday or get me a pic thank you and if you do I well get you a pic cake time!!!!! Here is a pic I thank it's funny don't know if you guys we,ll like it but if you do save it lol I love it ok you know what I said do it ok thank you:)

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Name change?

    August 7, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    I've also been thinking about a user name change. Because well, I think it's time for it after five months of having it. As yet another one of my thoughts, any suggestions?

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Ralph was a large villain with large hands and feet, his orange shirt and brown overall's were a bit worn. His brown hair looked dirty as ever, his eye's were hazel. But he was programmed that way, nobody can help how they were programmed.

    "Well, how do I start? First off, my name is Wreck It Ralph. It's been a good life so far, but I've really thought about it. For 30 years, I've been wrecking the same building, because well, my stump was moved. So I climb onto the building and I start to wreck it, and the hero, also known as Fix It Felix Jr. comes in and saves the day with his magical hammer. At every single fall, all I see is him receiving pies, medals, and showered with love. But me? A shower of mud and uncomfortable bricks, but is this…

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    So, I've been thinking about rewriting Wreck It Ralph for quite sometime. But I will be posting it on here and the Fanon wiki once it's done. It's not exactly a fan-fiction, but it's a step forward. I hope you all like it! I'll be giving credit to Disney too.

    Link to rewrite (in progress):

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  • President vanellope von schweetz

    ok now here's a tricky question that i know the answer to but you all as a group need to work together and find the answer!

    Q. if I am now a princess but then decide to become president (bear in mind i am still a glitch) and become a racer and the players like me, would you of thounght i would be allowed to leave the game?

    A. .... well you all find out! you can use some information off of wikipedia, just google, jeeves (thank you jeeves!), and this wiki.

    when i think the time is right i will anounce the answer to you all so for now...

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  • Gloydie Pie

    Aymee came zooming out of the fundgeon with Ralph,Felix and Calhoun " If you get nervous keep reminding yourself you must win Gloyd's racing medal but you don't have to win Ralph said befor Aymee's car touched the red cross "Don't worry" she says as she stops as her name appears normally at 16th place "and I'm gonna win" she rushes off to Gumball gorge Citrusella,Taffyta,Candlehead and Jubileena land on Gumball gorge as the top 5 people on the score board shuffle (was 1 Jubileena 2) Citrusella 3)Taffyta 4)Candlehead 5) Adorabeezle now 1)Taffyta 2) Adorabeezle 3)Candlehead 4) Citrusella meanwhile Aymee is already 12th and has taken over 16th swizzle Malarkey 15th Minty Zaki 14th Snowanna Rainbeau 13th Torvald Batterbutter

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Has there ever been a game where you would like to do a Nuzlocke Challenge on? What if there was a WIR nuzlocke? Would you do it with the main five, or just with one of the main five? If so, who would you choose to play the game until they die?

    For me, I'll be doing a Skylanders one on normal mode with Pop Fizz, Spyro, Chop Chop, Drobot (for backup), and either Eye Brawl or Tree Rex.

    However, I just can't do the Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges! They're just so wasteful to me, all the hard work on your Pokemon are wasted if you die. Plus, I'm not deleting any of my saved data on B&W2.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • CalvinKemp98
    Read more >

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