• Wintermelon43


    July 24, 2013 by Wintermelon43

    This is a list of bad stuff she did:

    Spam pages with categorys

    Put a embarrsing and disquasting picture on my userpage and sayed it was my first profile picture.apprantely her sister did it.however she was userpage will be edited to prevent this from happening again.that may give me nightmares.

    Say she had like 20 dreams in a night....LIE

    saying me,sapphire,and joseph were bullying her when SHE was bullying US

    spamming after she promised never to do it again.

    annoying a huge amount of people

    apprantely she spammed in chat

    apprantely she called citrusella poop.

    this is too much.she must be banned forever

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  • WikiaGirl2000

    Back to school

    July 23, 2013 by WikiaGirl2000

    Summer time goes by quickly and before you know it.... its time to go back to school....

    Ughh... i hate school..... i wish there was no school ever...


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  • Cynder rush

    No more skipping between blog posts! I made this by request from Raised By Wolves.

    Not a candyfloss cloud in the sky. Perfect. So why was Gloyd, a 12 year old boy in Sugar Rush, crying so loudly that someone climbing the nearest Candy Cane tree fell out and almost landed on him?

    "Ouch!" exclamed Vanellope, who had just fallen onto a sharp toffee rock, "Hey, why are you crying on this lovely lovely day and not driving around with your little bully mates?"

    "I don't have any mates." Gloyd sobbed before looking at Vanellope and exclaming "Hey, you've been crying too!"

    Indeed, Vanellope had been crying as she had a wet, puffy, red face. She didn't want Gloyd to know this, though. Obviously, she wanted Gloyd to think she was tough.

    "Err, no! I've jus…

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  • Cynder rush

    Someone called Raised By Wolves wants me to put all of my chapters into one story, but this is prbbably going to be the last chapter, so I'll do that next.

    Luckly for Vanellope, Gloyd came back. Pleased, she ran at him with her arms open. They hugged each other. It had been a whole day without seing each other and Vanellope thought Gloyd had ran away from her, and Gloyd thought Vanellope had given up or suffered a serious car accident because of his supposed bad luck.

    "I'm so sorry it's been so long! I had to do a dangerous and deadly dare!" sobbed Gloyd, wipping a happy tear from his eye.

    "I'm so sorry too! I thought you had left me!" Vanellope cried "what was that dangerous and deadly dare?"

    "Well," Gloyd suddenly got all embarrised "I had t…

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    In the Magic Kingdom, a powerful source is tampered with. That being said, everyone is randomly appearing in different Disney locations since the destruction of the source. Now the character's must team up and defeat the villains who had caused the threat. This blog will be updated when new chapters arrive, one to two chapters will be made daily.

    In the night of the Magic Kingdom in Cinderella's Castle, a powerful source was protected by a group of soldiers. The certain source made certain Disney characters who they were. If it was put into the wrong hands, anyone could be affected by it; the heroes could become villains, abilities could be lost, and happy endings would take a dark turn. As the source was being guarded, the soldiers sweated …

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  • Cynder rush

    To build up tension I'm going to leave what's going on with Gloyd and Vanellope and make this chapter about Nyan Cat and Crumbellina or whatever her name is. It's sort of like when I wrote a exiting bit in my Sugar Rush story where Vanellope is begining to have a sort of crush on Sun Dragon and I do a *      *      * where you stop if you like and the next half of the chapter is about Flavius getting past the surge protector by dressing up as a pineapple (he needs to do this because he is glitchy. He has two glitches and they are real ones from the game Skylanders). Jubileena finds him and they end up (at the end of the book) in love.

    Nervous, Nyan Cat ruffled his bow tie to the right position, flattened his fur down and cleared his throat.…

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    New Story

    July 21, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    So, my new story will be posted soon. But this story will be a little different than the others. Yes, the WIR characters will be in it (the main five), plus....I'm adding some other certain characters to spice it up. But, this will be a Disney Crossover! Here are the characters so far:

    Vanellope (WIR)

    Ralph (WIR)

    Felix (WIR)

    Calhoun (WIR)

    Turbo (WIR)

    Clopin (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    So, what do you think? If there are any other Disney characters that you would like to add, don't hesitate. But I can't have a lot of characters, but I can make it work.

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  • Cynder rush

    This is a sort of little contest. Who can name this car? It is for Sun Dragon, a character that I like to think joined Sugar Rush to escape bullying in Skylanders because he is a glitch. Well, technicaly he is a scrapped character but his code was left on some levels so he is a glitch.


    Sun Dragon was planing on joining Fit-It-Felix but he has a sweet tooth so he decided on Sugar Rush instead. (Because of this I was planning on calling the car the Sweet Fang but that's a bit weird)

    Sun Dragon can breathe tiny suns.

    His brothers are called Camo and Drobot. Their full names being Camo Dragon and Robot Dragon.

    I ship Vanellope X Sun Dragon.

    It is based on himself.

    He glitches.

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  • Cynder rush

    I know that this chapter has come the day after I wrote the other one and I've writen it at, like, 6:00 in the morning here in England ('cuz this site is American) but I got bored of drawing pictures of Spyro in the legend of Spyro series jumping off of a cliff ('cuz I think that that version of Spyro looks stupid and I'm glad they changed him in Skylanders) whilst listening to Nyan Cat over and over again. Besides, a chapter a day keeps the doctor away! Or was that an apple...

    Anyway, here it is! Gloyd's story... CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gloyd had been twitching all the way when Vanellope was taking him back. At about half way there Gloyd screamed:

    "OH I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!" and began eating a…

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  • Smurfygirl

    I am Good!

    July 20, 2013 by Smurfygirl

    I am good to everyone, especially VanellopeVonSchweetzFan. I am not a bad girl, I am a good girl.

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  • Winxclubfan1


    July 20, 2013 by Winxclubfan1

    HI EVERYONE HERES MY BLOG AND IM MAKING UP A NEW STORY FOR SUGAR RUSH srry about that people but caps lock was on

    heres my verson of wreck it ralph 2

    narriot:this is vanellope


    narriot:this i HEY WHO THREW THAT CAN AT ME?


    rancis:hi vanellope

    vanellope hi rancis

    you make up what happens next

    ps in the stories there will be dances

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  • Cynder rush

    My story

    July 20, 2013 by Cynder rush

    Ok, so this is a little story because I like to write stories and I am planning on becoming an Author. This has nothing to do with my other Sugar Rush story which I might have mentioned that I am currently writing for my little sister, as that one is set after WIR and this one is set before. This book is called...

    THE STORY SO FAR: Sugar Rush has just been pluged in a week ago next to Nyan Cat: Fly! and that whacka-thing. From there if you look accross you can see Fix-it-Felix and Dragon's Peak (which is important for my other book). King Candy has already changed the codes.

    Not a candyfloss cloud in the sky. Perfect. So why was Gloyd, a 12 year old boy in Sugar Rush, crying so loudly that someone climbing the nearest Candy Cane tree fell ou…

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  • Gloydie Pie

    Hi I am Gloyd Orangeboar This is what I think the random roster race will be like in WiR 2 the. There is a person who just managed to escape from her game and tried to get into sugar rush her name is Aymee (how she spells it pronounced "Amy") so Aymee chocolatechipp Raspberryswirl I did a double p on chocolatechipp.

    The racers were at the starting line the all the names on the board appeared in order it was 1. Vanellope von Schweetz 2. Taffyta Muttonfudge 3. Citrusella Flugpucker 4. Minty Zaki 5. Sticky Wipplesnit 6. Torvald Batterbutter 7. Gloyd Orangeboar 8. Crumbelina Di Caramello 9. Candlehead 10. Rancis Fluggerbutter 11. Swizzle Malarkey 12. Adorabeezle Winterpop 13. Nougestia Brumblestain 14. Snowanna Rainbeau 15. Jubileena Bing-b…

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  • Cynder rush


    July 12, 2013 by Cynder rush

    Has anyone else seen that LOL video about King Candy?

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  • Thumbwrumbler82
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  • Cupcake Zombie


    July 10, 2013 by Cupcake Zombie

    I made a similar blog post like this before,but I still wanna point these things out!

    Question One: Just before Felix and Calhoun had their love moment with the laffy taffy,and Felix was about to tell Calhoun about Turbo,Calhoun didn't know who Turbo was and Felix said to her You've just got plugged in!,but at the start of the movie,when Ralph meets Markowski,Ralph already knew who Markowski was,but how did Ralph know who Markowsi was,if Hero's Duty had just been plugged in?

    Question Two: Hero's Duty when you fight cy-bugs,shouldn't the cy-bugs be causing viruses and problems to the Hero's Duty game when the players are playing it?.If those cy-bugs almost destroyed Sugar Rush,then why don't they destroy Hero's Duty,when they come out …

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  • Sweet Eve

    Hello again!

    July 9, 2013 by Sweet Eve

    I'm back from the vacation to the Caribbeans. I come 2 days sooner, not much. It was really amazing, and now i kinda miss alot the beach from there.

    Well, i'm glad any catastrophe happened while i was gone. xD No really, this Wiki and the Fanon Wiki are in good hands. (:

    What can i say more.. i'm back at editing!

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  • SuGar-RushGTA3

    Hello everyone. Sorry that I have been gone for so long, and sorry for letting you guys down, i'm so sorry. It's just I have been so obsessed with all those videogames for MONTHS now and I have not been into wreck it ralph so far. Guys, let me send you a warm second hello. It is good to be back.

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  • Ggghhj123

    In Sugar Rush on the 4th of July the racers were probably partying all day. Then They would be having red, white, and blue rocket pops to cool them selves down. Later at night they were probably eating candy apples while watching popping rock candy fireworks.

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow


    July 6, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say that this wiki is looking perfect! :)

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow


    June 30, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Yeah, I know I haven't been on here in a while. But my other wiki needed me (and wow did I do a lot of editing during that time). So I'm back and ready to re-edit!

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  • GloydOrangeboar795

    Hey i'm new

    June 30, 2013 by GloydOrangeboar795

    Hi I am a Gloyd Orangeboar fan and I am new here but I have been lurking here as a guest for ages now so hi :)

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  • Winterpop

    Adorabeezle's Diary

    June 29, 2013 by Winterpop

    I love living in Sugar Rush! You can gorge yourself on candy, candy, candy and NEVER get toothache, or get sick, or get spots, or anything! And the best part is Sugar Rush is MADE of candy!

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  • Ami670

    Wreck-it Ralph drawings

    June 29, 2013 by Ami670

    Fffff- I decided to share some arts I made of Wreck-it Ralph.

    Most of the art came from both these dA accounts (which are mine I SWEAR): Ask-Turb0 and my main account Ami670

    I'll add more later. So, what do you think? :)

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Not sure if you guys noticed, but I was gone for a  bit! I was on vacation to the Caribbean. Well, anyway, I see quite a bit has happened. Nice to know this wiki didn't burn while I left :D. Jk, I know it's in good hands. You know who you are ;)

    Gonna get back into editing now. Any questions about my trip or anything else, feel free to ask :).

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  • Sweet Eve

    Bye Everyone!

    June 25, 2013 by Sweet Eve

    I just wanted to say bye! I won't be online for 2 weeks, cuz i'm goin on a summer vacation to the Caribbeans. I'll miss this Wiki and the Fanon wiki a lot. ):

    Bye everyone! C ya all in 2 weeks! (:

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  • Ggghhj123

    Back at home.

    June 24, 2013 by Ggghhj123

    Hi guys. I just returned from Ocean City, Maryland and I'm am kind of sad. I miss boogy- boarding on the beach, swimming in the hotel pool, relaxing on a balcony with an ocean view. But I'm still happy at home. I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.

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  • Little miss sweets

    Lately i noticed that there have been a lot of pointless insults on this wiki,and i wanna ask why? Why are you insulting someone that did no harm to you in any way? I mean would you imagine what i found on the Beard Papa page. An user said : this guy kinda looks like papa smurf,and some guy without a reason said : he looks like your mom. Really? Okay,tell me that that was necessary. And listen to what i found on the Sticky Wipplesnit page,a friendly wikia contributor said she's cute to me! and another W.C. said whatever you wipplesh*t,and no i'm not kidding. I hate when stuff like this happens so what i ask of all of you is to keep off the sourness. I'm not saying i'm totally clean,but i wouldn't say something mean like this! Please keep t…

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  • Ggghhj123

    Vacation Time :)

    June 20, 2013 by Ggghhj123

    Hi guys it is ggghhj123 and I wanted to tell you that my school ended just yesterday and today on June 20 I will be going to Ocean City Maryland for four days! I hope you're having a great summer vacation to!

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow


    June 16, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Well, I'm leaving for a week. So I hope the wiki is good once I get back! I'm counting on all of you! But before I leave, all of my fan-fictions on the fanon wiki will be updated, so I'll sorta leave everyone with a large cliffhanger for some of them....but in the meantime, have a WONDERFUL week!

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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    Oh yeah, have you read the forum "sticky was with swizzle because she has a crush on him bla bla blaa (don't remember) supposed to be with minty zaki"? Then, Citrusella Flugpucker or who says that Minty Zaki, Minty Sakura, Torvald Batterbutter, and Sticky Wipplesnit goes over Swizzle. Then there's a saying maybe by Taffyta that it will be a triangle love XD so, whadddayyya thinking of... this? Vote!!

    1. Rancis should go with Vanellope but it will be half triangle love when Taffyta and Vanellope goes over him.
    2. Candlehead should go with... (there's a new man recolor made by me, his name was similliar with the boy from GravityFalls. Sorry.... OK lemme tell you now, his name is Dipper Candlefroze (his age is 10 I think..)
    3. Jubileena should go with.... …
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  • Hannahfhgfghrg

    On YouTube There Is A Sugar Rush Community!

    Vanellope = Vanellope V. Sweetz

    Rancis = Rancis Fluggerbutter

    CandleHead = Candle Head

    Minty Zaki = Minty Zaki

    Swizzle = None


    Snowanna = Snowanna Rainbreau

    Crumbilena = Crumbelina DiCarmello

    Sticky = SickyWipplesnit (Me)

    Minty Sakura = minty sakura

    Jubileena = Jubileena Bing Bing

    Citruzella = Citrusella Flugpucker


    Taffyta = Taffyta Muttonfudge

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Okay, this might be off-topic as well as a little weird, but I'd like to make something for everyone here (If that's alright with some of the people here), and that's a collage of your favorite characters from WIR. Each will be unique in it's own way (even if it's already been done). Requests can be asked, but if I can't find many pictures of a certain character, then I'll try my best. Here's an example of a collage I did and made myself (credit goes to owners for the pictures):

    Yeah,  the villain collage is large. But it's was so worth making it! These villains were just so amazing, powerful, funny, and touching (sympatheticly) to me. So I added them all on one collage! See if you can name them all!

    The finished collages will be posted here…

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  • Ggghhj123

    the talented birbyman

    June 11, 2013 by Ggghhj123

    Hey I just wanted to tell you guys about birbyman. He is super talented. He made a script of wreck it Ralph two and I loved it. I like how all the racers including the recolours and even Minty Sakura have parts. Also he made his own super creative and movie like recouler drawings. He even made a Minty Sakura recolour.

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  • Ggghhj123

    Who Would You Be?

    June 10, 2013 by Ggghhj123

    Hi its ggghhj123 and I wanted to know. If you were a Sugar Rush racer what would your name be? What would you look like? What would be your personality and character? What would your kart be called and what would it look like. Tell me by commenting.

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Racer Poses?

    June 10, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    You all know how in Turbo's flashback and in the epilogue Turbo and Vanellope have poses to congratulate the player on winning? So what are the other racers poses and how would you (meaning the player) would react to them? I listed some of my own (actually favorites):

    Vanellope: Her pose was shown in the epilogue waving to the player, it was very cute in my opinion and I would react by waving to her in response.

    Taffyta: I made my own pose for her, she waves her lollipop in the air and winks at the player. My reaction: ;)

    Candlehead: Her shouting "Hooray!" at the player, seems fitting for her. My reaction: Woot! Party!

    King Candy: Since we ALL obviously know him as Turbo, he might have changed it in order not to cause suspicion. I think he may …

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  • Sticky Winpplesnit

    fine,what happened yesterday afternoon, I went for a ride in my car for vanellope Castle, I found a minty zaki, who I notice had already begun the race THAT!? can not be!, triggered output track carrerascuando hais come and no one was on the track and all were on, citrusella flugpucker was fixing his car so he could not run this week, when it reacts, fired output, cross the line booting and monitoring, to go through the tunnel I found to vanellope, vANELLOPE? are you doing here you should be ahead of everyone, she replied that her car had had problems last week but did not fix, I could not return again, for he had already come a long way, but you know try to help her and her FAILS! impedio touch me okay, I could not touch it and his car wa…

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  • Sweet Eve

    A Very Cute Couple

    June 8, 2013 by Sweet Eve

    I call them, Pacifiloyd! It is Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls + Gloyd Orangeboar from Sugar Rush Speedway. I don't know why have i maked this couple, but i simply think they're cute together. 

    What do ya think of my couple? Leave a comment down below, plz. 

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  • WikiaGirl2000

    Summer Fun

    June 8, 2013 by WikiaGirl2000

    Ahhhh...... only a week left till summer vacation.

    Even though it inly lasts 3 months, i will make some use out of it.

    Well, at least i have the internet to keep me occupied.

    I can also play Sugar rush speedway for a while, until that gets boring......Well anyways, Happy summer everyone!!!!~ TurboTastic1982

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  • Ggghhj123

    Hey it is ggghhj123 and here are some recommended blogs I think you should read.

    • fave 3 racers by: SuGar-RushGTA3
    • Imaginative by: I am Adorabeezle winter pop
    • Turbo Transportation by:Pikachu4807
    • Guys why so negative By: Citrusella Flugpucker
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  • I am Adorabeezle winter pop!

    Are u imaginative and want your racer to be drawn? Do you want a custom-kart drawn for you? Then tell me what kart you would name yours and tell me what name you would give a sugar rush racer?ill draw mine and show it later!

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  • I am Adorabeezle winter pop!

    I got bet in my art competition!

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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    Hey fellow racers :) Now I wanna give my opinion (but not all is my opinion) about racer's(sugar rush) actress. Then, give me your opinion!


    Minty: Mandy Moore?

    Snowanna: Cree Summer?

    Swizzle: Ross Lynch?

    Gloyd: unknown (give your opinion.)

    Adorabeezle: Selena Gomez?

    Citrusella: Olivia Olson?

    Sticky: Vanessa Hudgens?

    Torvald: Kelly Clarkson?

    Nougetsia: Alyson Stoner?

    Okay,, I hope ya guys leave a comment in this blog post! :) Stay Sweet!! ;)

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  • Cupcake Zombie

    Which character do you think is the best,would you say,out of Minty Zaki or Minty Sakura?

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Another Story that was divided into chapters is now for FULL viewing, no need to look for more chapters!

    While Turbo was in his cell, the Surge Protector sipped his coffee in silence while looking at the insane racer. Turbo reached for the microphone and spoke.

    "When can I eat?! I'm starving!" Turbo asked with a moan

    "Stop complaining, you'll get your food later." the Surge Protector replied

    "Why are you so miserable all the time?" Turbo asked

    "It's because I'm stuck watching you, does that answer your question?" the Surge Protector replied

    "I would stop complaining if I had a friend." Turbo said with a devious smirk

    "Nobody would be friends with you, and that's a fact." the Surge Protector said while walking off into Game Central Station

    "Don't b…

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    My chapters will be transfered onto here for full viewing instead of aimlessly trying to find each chapter.

    Deep below the burning pits on Diet Cola Volocano, the infamous Turbo sat down in a dark cave, looking at his destroyed Cy-Bug form in the corner.

    "I was so close, in fact, TOO CLOSE! If only I had complete control of that wretched Cy-Bug programming!" Turbo yelled up at the ceiling of the caverns

    Turbo walked around and stopped for a moment, he smirked and walked off into the darkness.

    "They think I'm dead, huh? Everyone says I died, but I LIVE!" Turbo said with an evil laugh, he then grabbed a black cloak and headed to Game Central Station.


    "Whoo! Take that Taffyta! Your no match for me!" Vanellope said as she fired a Sweet Seeker at T…

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  • CandySweetRacer

    In Wreck-It Ralph 2, Sugar Rush will get in upgrade. More racers named, Spenserve Frozenfudge (Ice Cream), Sweetums HardenTart (SweeTarts), Chiplie Cookiedough (Cookies), Sizzle Fryer (Bacon Candy, weird but yes it is real), Hersha McChocolate (Chocolates), Pixla Powderdust (Pixy Stix), and Marsla Colorbottom (M&M's) with stands for them and the recolors. All the racers talk and have flags. And Vanellope becomes a princess again with her old kart.

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  • I am Adorabeezle winter pop!

    So just done a drawing of adorabeezle winterpop and in the background u can see minty Sakura!

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  • Minecraft Creeper

    Ms. Pacman



    Princess Peach

    Sequel theories w/ plot

    Arcade trouble - The Litwak Arcade shuts down but they forget to remove the games and then their Evil/Eviler forms appear out of nowhere and wreck havoc.

    Turbos back  - Turbo has come back and his face is half melted off luckily, its not bloody.

    Mario help - The day the Arcade closed down for a while the manager said something about removing Mario kart (if it is in the rl arcade) Mario gets everybodys help from whoever was a main character, so they change up the levels and sort of make new ones

    Minecraft! - This is just incase Mojang makes an arcade version of minecraft but its not like the real game and the Enderdragon has taken over Minecraftia and in 15 different levels you fight the …

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Okay, I questioned recently on how Turbo became from a happy little racer, to a overworked and tired one.

    Because how could you go from the happy little racer here:

    TO THIS:

    Please tell me what you think.

    My theory is that Turbo cared about how much attention he got, but it soon took over when he stressed over other games that would be better than his own. He probably wanted to take over Sugar Rush as himself, but was afraid people would notice, so he became King Candy. I have to admit that he had a wonderful personality as K.C., but he was dark on the inside.

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