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  • I am Adorabeezle winter pop!

    So just done some drawings!any one want to see??

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  • I am Adorabeezle winter pop!

    Okay as u all know adorabeezle was put out of the race when king candy shot her with a sweet seeker into a gumball machine.however,if king candy wasn't apart of the game then it would mean she is still in the race?

    And another thing wouldn't they need to restart the whole race, but if the arcade was about to open,would they scratch the NEW RACERS DAILY rule and just use the previous roster racers?(dorabeezle was the racer to the bottom left)

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  • Taffyta

    Categories 2.0

    June 5, 2013 by Taffyta

    This is a remake of my previous blog post. Since updated blog posts aren't displayed in the recent feed, I'm posting it as a new one.

    There's been little improvement since the time I made my last blog post, and I would really like to get a protocol for categories going to avoid clutter and make the Wiki seem more professional. Everyday I'm finding more and more random and unneeded categories being added to articles. Some being overly specific, some repetitive, and some listed more than once and spelled differently: "Main Protagists", "Main Protagnists", etc. 

    I still stand by the list I made earlier, although with some ammendments from the comments posted before. They should be enough to fit every article. We don't need 20 categories to a cha…

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  • I am Adorabeezle winter pop!

    So hey I am new to the wiki and I already have made tiny adjustments to some Wiki activity!i hope I make more friends and don't make enemies,cause I'm not the bad guy lol!

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    It has occured to me that we don't know the rest of the character's ages except Vanellope, who is 9 in the film. How old do you think the following characters are? Each character is programmed with a certain age, in which they'll be that age and stay the same way forever.





    King Candy


    Sour Bill



    Rest of Sugar Rush Racer's


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  • Cupcake Zombie

    Today my parents,went into my local Disney Store while I was at school,and all of the Sugar Rush plushie dolls were on offer,reduced from £10.00 right down to £4.00 (I already have Minty and Jubileena) and they bought a whole bunch of them for me.I am only allowed Candlehead (because I wanted her first) and soon I am allowed to get Crumbelina.

    And this is what my parents told me: In the shop they had...

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  • CandySweetRacer


    June 3, 2013 by CandySweetRacer

    Do you think I should add the nickname, "Bolts" or kept forget about the idea? Post on what you think.CandySweetRacer (talk) 22:55, June 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Raised By Wolves

    The story has switched to real life, where a couple are in a beach, but eventually make their way into Litwack's Arcade. The story at the moment is told from a girl's point of view. The girl's name is Amy.

    The cool breeze swiftly slid through my hair like a snake in a forest... He stared into my eyes with his own. His own beautiful sea blue eyes, which stared into my plain brown ones. We walked barefoot on the smooth sand, the tide rising and lowering and leaving beautiful treasures of the sea right in front of us. I saw him reach into his jacket and pull out his flute. When he plays the flute, a wave of gushing happiness flows over my soul...

    As he played, I listened to the enchanting melodies. They ventured in my ears and warmed my heart..…

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  • SuGar-RushGTA3

    I just want to know who your fave 3 racers are. Now I don't wanna see any offensive comments about the racers cos' I have seen a lot of crappy comments on some pages INCLUDING TAFFYTA, I LIKE TAFGYTA, THIS IS MY BLOG AND IT DISRESPECTFUL ESPECIALLY FOR THE USER (BRITTANY). Taffyta is awesome and that's about it. All I want to see is a page of friendly comments about your top 3 fave racers, mine are Taffyta, Vanellope (the same). But the real problem is that I'm stuck on is whehter I will vote Citusella or Adorabeezle. The racer (Citrusella or Adorabeezle) with the most votes in the nxt 2 weeks will be my #3. Anyways, remember to post friendly comments on YOUR fave 3 racers. PEACE!!!!!

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  • Little miss sweets

    What else is there to say,i mean the first time i joined the wiki i thought i was gonna be one of those users,you know the one that pretends that's special but actually isn't,and look at me now. I have great friends (special thanks for that goes to RBW,Wreck it Eve,Kacits-Hug,Taffyta,MHVSBXD and a lot more.) I hope this wiki doesn't get into any trouble and i hope the newcomers will enjoy this wiki,i really dunno what else to say.....this was Citrusella  Flugpucker and i'm singing out.

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  • SuGar-RushGTA3

    Thanks Kactis-Hug for adding me on PS3, if there is anyone else who wants to add me too the name is exactly spelt: XxCrimsonBlazeXx, if there is any thing wrong just report it to me, also if you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, do play with me. I am prestige 3 for now, i love snipers. Oh, by the way I am not forcing you, just fun will do, and as i said, credit goes to Kactis, Pikachu, Taffyta and Citrusella.

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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    Taffyta: Wanna have a new dress, your highness?

    Vanellope: YES, Taffy.

    ~Both racing to a place~

    Taffyta: And here it is!!

    Vanellope: Oooo.... No no no no no.

    Taffyta: Whaddayya mean?

    Vanellope: Where's the dress?

    Taffyta: We have to buy online from SR Shop.

    Vanellope: WHAT!!!!????!!!! I DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR THE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!

    Taffyta: No dumb shippings, in case upstairs.

    Vanellope: You kidding me!?

    Taffyta: No no no no no no.... Just go upstairs!

    ~Both walks upstairs~

    Vanellope sees her princess gown.

    Vanellope: Oh thanks, salt water taffy.

    Taffyta: !???!!! HAAAA!?!

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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    Heya chumps!! I think that we need more Sugar Rush episode just like by Citrusella Flugpucker. This is a funny episode (don't know, your choice wants to be funny or whatever) by me. Hope anyone likes it.


    Taffyta: She doesn't know that I've stealed her crown and princess gown. (Laughing beside Candlehead)

    Candlehead: What?? Saying anything?

    Taffyta: No. Why are ya asking too much?

    Candlehead: Nothing. You're saying something.

    ~ Taffyta becomes sweaty~

    Rancis: Come on! RUN!!!! THE RACE IS ABOUT TO START!!!!!

    Candlehead and Taffyta: HUAH....

    Vanellope: There's nothing better than wearing a crown in a super race. (finds her crown)

    Taffyta: Ha ha ha... Plan worked.....…

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  • Cupcake Zombie

    I really need to point these things I seen in the Wreck-It-Ralph movie,and I need answers! :3

    Number One: In the scene where Vanellope becomes a Princess,and she says Whoever was mean to me shall be... and then she pauses for a sec,and then Rancis says Ooh as if he thinks they are going to get a reward for bullying Vanellope.I thought OMG Rancis! You can't expect an award for bullying the Princess but I'm really confuised.Why would he think he could get away with such a crime?

    Number Two: When Felix told Calhoun Turbo's story,Turbo has a totally different voice in his story,than he did when he tried to squish Vanellope against the wall,he still had his King Candy voice when he was talking to Vanellope.Any answers?

    Number Three: You know King Candy …

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  • SuGar-RushGTA3

    I just wanted to thank alll of the following for their support, this wiki is now such a success!. Credit goes to Taffyta, Pickachu, Kactis-Hug and Citrusella,my fave users. A big thnx to all of you, there is not one of you that i hate, you four are all awesome. THNX SO MUCH.

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow


    May 30, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Okay, so after my first fan fiction is finished, there will be a second part and it involves us (meaning a couple users on this wiki), so if you would like to be in the story, please comment and the side you'll be on (good or bad). I will obviously be in the story. I have a couple more spots open, but hurry! I'm already starting an idea on chapter 1!




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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    I've seen pretty racing karts of Sugar Rush in eBay online shop and wanna buy it for gift from my parents. The reason I want that because I only have Swizzle and his racing kart without race key and those other karts are really amazing.

    I've selected Taffyta (choose by remembering) but really want one more racer. Searched Crumbelina but shipping and price sometimes is too expensive. Could you tell me the best racing kart + racer with low price and low shipping charge? If you do this day, I'm so THANK YOU for all of that :)

    1. Vanellope?
    2. Candlehead?
    3. Jubileena?
    4. Minty?
    5. Snowanna?
    6. Crumbelina?
    7. Rancis?
    8. Gloyd?
    9. Swizzle (don't need to choose cuz I have it.)
    10. Adorabeezle?

    Submit your answer by comment! Thank you so much!

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  • Raised By Wolves

    1. Rancis
    2. Vanellope
    3. Candlehead
    4. Raised By Wolves
    5. Ralph

    1. Benjamin is NOT my real name.
    2. I am not 14 years old, and TBH I don't know how old user Citrusella Flugpucker is.

    As the kingdom was surrounded by a towering wall, it was beautiful and breathtaking. Raised By Wolves, whom they called RBW, introduced himself. Rancis introduced himself first, followed by Candlehead and lastly, Vanellope. RBW was very shady, and would not give them a lot of information about his life. He stated that he was fourteen years old, and not much else. The racers frowned in frustration. Suddenly, a girl, about fourteen as well, came rushing towards RBW. RBW said she was Citry, his best friend. "Oh, Benjamin, what are you doing here? You know it's dangerous being in town squa…

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  • Esquilo30

    Running Gags

    May 26, 2013 by Esquilo30

    Hey, guys, when we were doing roleplays, I was thinking that we should have to add running gags, what do you think? Give me your opnions.

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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    I love those rankings. But maybe it means that a popular user is the people who reaches 1# or 2# ranking? Give your opinion to me. Maybe it's not to popular being 15# like me?

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  • Cynderheart

    Hey, does anyone want to RP with me on chat with Characters and Fanon's?

    My Fanon's are: 

    Violet Sugerkane- Cosin to Vidia, kind and sweet.

    Vidia Lemondrop- Cosin to Violet, rude and playful.

    Gigi Gingerclaw- Twin to Jojo, practical jocker and kind.

    Jojo Gingerclaw- Twin to Gigi, practical jocker and sweet.

    Sofia 'Yin' Blackclaw- Twin to Joshoua, fun and serious when needed to be.

    Joshoua 'Yang' Blackclaw- Twin to Sofia, fun and random.

    Rocky Roadrunner- A go with the flow kind of girl, but has a certin dissregard for the rules.

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  • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan

    hey guys,,, i know u have fave recolor right?? If you think one of the recolors you like are popular, tell me by making a blog post about it...


    Sticky Wipplesnit =

    Voters: 2 Wikia contributors, Parakeetwing, Wrenny2000, Lemonade27, Pikachu4807,Spectreofflame,Wreck-ItEve105

    Torvald Batterbutter =

    Voters: Issymail

    Nougetsia Brumblestain =

    Voters: Citrusella Flugpucker, Birbyman

    Citrusella Flugpucker =

    Voters: Raised By Wolves, Von Schweetz, VanellopeVonSchweetzFan, Wintermelon43, Pikachu4807, Birbyman

    Counting until now!

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  • Cupcake Zombie

    Name of episode: Be careful what you wish for!

    (Meanwhile before the random roaster race)

    Vanellope: Welcome fellow Sugar Rush citizens,to the random roaster race,this is President Vanellope Von Schweetz talking and it's time to pay your fee into the race!

    (All of the Sugar Rush racers hold up their golden coin)

    Vanellope: Are you ready? set...GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (All the Sugar Rush racers pay their fee)

    Vanellope: We shall now begin the race!

    (Everybody get's in their racing karts)

    Gloyd: (Look's at Candlehead and laughs evilly and whispers) She will never know I put glue on her tires,so she can't race!

    Vanellope: Come on Everybody let's GO!!!!!!!!!!

    (All the Sugar Rush racers drive off,accept from Candlehead who's tires are glued to the groun…

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  • Raised By Wolves

    I remember someone wanting the "Message Wall" function added, and I found it takes away one thing, but adds another. In case you don't know, a message wall is like this:

    So, I thought I'd take a vote of who wants it, and who doesn't. I'm impartial to either, so...

    List of People Who Want Message Wall:

    • Wreck-ItEve105
    • Citrusella Flugpucker
    • Wintermelon43
    • VanellopeVonSchweetzFan
    • Bunkey580

    List of People Who Do Not Want Message Wall:

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    So yesterday I noticed that the Adult's catagory seemed a little lonely with just Calhoun there, I decided to add a few more. But I know there are many adults in the movie, so could some of you help me out? I have a couple more people added to the adults catagory just to let everyone know a second time.

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  • Taffyta


    May 21, 2013 by Taffyta

    EDIT: Ok, there's really been no improvement since the time I made this blog post. Everyday I'm finding more and more random and unneeded categories being added to articles. Some being overly specific, some repetitive, and some listed more than once and spelled differently: "Main Protagists", "Main Protagnists", etc. 

    I still stand by the list I made earlier, although with some ammendments from the comments posted before. THEY SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO FIT EVERY ARTICLE. We don't need 20 categories to a character- and we don't need a category for every trait or characteristic. 

    Characters- Obviously enough, this is for EVERY character. 

    Cast- Anyone and everyone who worked on the movie- specifically, voice actors. 

    Main Characters- The very main char…

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  • CandleheadMinty


    May 21, 2013 by CandleheadMinty

    King Candy is one who commiting cannibalisam he feeds candy candy

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  • Cupcake Zombie

    There is 4 sugar rush Wiki's!

    There is

    There is

    There is

    They are all EPIC!

    Which one is your faveourite?

    I like all of them!

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  • Luks7


    May 19, 2013 by Luks7

    OK. I'm just gonna say it. Do we really need such a long page on AKB48? It's like longer than the Wreck-It Ralph page! We don't really need to know the history of a band that sung one song in WIR. Just "It sung Sugar Rush for the movie Wreck It Ralph" I was gonna delete it but I wanted to talk to the community before I made a large delete like that.

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  • Little miss sweets

    The title said it all,post down your sugar rush fanon racers and we will see how the other users respond to them

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  • Cupcake Zombie

    There is two different versions of the Vanellope talking doll,but which one is better?!

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  • SuGar-RushGTA3

    I'm a gamer, a fan of Taff and I  enjoy movies...

    Okay let's get to the point, I am a boy (AKA CodKid), I really like games like COD, and I make sure I try to the best of my abilities. My fave movie was Wreck-it-Ralph. I enjoy anything fun and awesome. I listen to music too. I eat alot of candy and I am a racer in Sugar Rush, can you guess? -----> Yup, it's Gloyd

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  • Wintermelon43

    Secretely i am duncan!

    and i will say the place of each random roster race for now on.

    first of all this is the place for when vanellope was made princess again.

    the order is 1st (left) to last (right)

    november 1st: vanellope, taffyta, candlehead, rancis, crumbelina, minty, winterpop, gloyd, snowanna, swizzle, citrusella, juiblenna, tarvold, nougetsia, sticky (disqiuafied)

    Taffyta,Crumblina,Winterpop,Vanellope,Gloyd,Minty Zaki,Snowanna,Rancis,Juilbleena,Tarvold,Citrusella,Swizzle,Candlehead,Sticky,Nougetsia,

    rancis, citrusella, minty, snowanna, candlehead,taffyta, juilblenna, gloyd, swizzle, sticky, vanellope, nougetsia, crumblina, tarvold, winterpop,

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  • Raised By Wolves

    Hi guys, the user Taffyta informed me of several duplicate accounts being made. It's not confirmed, however, but some strange activity is going on. For example,

    • Similar profile properties
    • The accounts following the others' pages
    • Each talking to each other, even though people hardly notice new accounts
    • All the names having a Sugar Rush racer, followed by a number.

    The accounts are

    1. Vanellope10
    2. The Swizz5
    3. Gloyd13
    4. Taffyta0
    5. Minty6

    So guys, just watch out for any strange activity by them, and if you notice anything, report it to AstridFan, Connor90 or me immediately.

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  • Hannahfhgfghrg

    Vote For Your 3 Favorite Characters! I Will Cross Them Off As They Go Down! Like This : Taffyta

    • Vanellope
    • Taffyta
    • Rancis
    • Candlehead
    • Gloyd
    • Snowanna
    • Minty Zaki
    • Jubileena
    • Sticky
    • Torvald
    • Swizzle
    • Citruzella
    • Minty Sakura
    • Adorabeezle
    • Crumbelina
    • Nougetsia

    Thx 4 Voting! ~Hannahfhgfghrg

    Round One Eliminated : Nougetsia & Torvald

    Round Two Eliminated : Crumbelina, Minty Zaki, Snowanna, Gloyd, & Rancis

    Round Three Eliminated : Swizzle & Adorabeezle

    Round Four Eliminated : Taffyta, Jubileena, & Minty Sakura

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  • Wintermelon43

    we were doing a roleplay at chat and here it is:

    candlehead:yay i'm about to get first! 5:14 Kactis-Hug Swizzle: Oh no you don't!

    • sweet seekers*

    5:14 Wintermelon43 candlehead:no 5:14 Wreck-ItEve105 KC: *fires a sweet seeker at Candlehead* Mwahahaha! *takes the lead* 5:14 Wintermelon43 get's ice cream' throws ice cream at king candy even though she is done anyways 5:15 Kactis-Hug Swizz:Hey! 5:15 Wintermelon43 rancis:haha *wins* 5:15 Kactis-Hug

    • 3rd place*

    5:15 Wreck-ItEve105 Vanellope: *get's a Sugar Rush, speed up and get's 2#* 5:16 Kactis-Hug Crumbelina:Finish line straight ahead! 5:16 Wintermelon43 minty zaki:haha *throws ice cream at her* 5:17 Kactis-Hug

    • gets 5th*

    5:17 Wreck-ItEve105 Jubileena: *fires a sweet sekker at Minty Zaki and get's 7#…

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    I've noticed that everyone does a lot of roleplay on here, especially the racers on chat. But do you feel that some of them are missing? Here are some that I think should be added:




     and Ralph

    I got to admit that role playing is fun, but it's even more fun with ALL the characters!

    Tell me what you think! ;)

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  • Hannahfhgfghrg

    New Wikia!

    May 12, 2013 by Hannahfhgfghrg

    >>>>>>>>>[All New Sugar Rush Wikia!] Click

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Okay, we were all thinking in the chat-room (Good Anon) about new Emoticons! If you accept, post your user name and the emoticon you would like to add.

    Note from RBW: I have added the emoticons of some of them, but you guys need to provide links, I am simply not free enough to run around the Internet searching for those pictures. If you could get me some, that'd be grand, and I'd be able to add them in. I am using the below list as a checklist so everyone knows which emoticons are added without having to go to the MediaWiki thing.



    Sugar Rush Racers (Animated)


    Rainbow Epicface (Animated)


    Challenge Accepted

    Nyan Cat









    Challenge Accepted


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  • Sweet Eve

    Ok, ok peeps. I'm alredy in #12! Not bad, but i want to reach at least to the top 10.

    If i reach to the top 5, it was even better! And if i get to the top 2, it would be Turbo-Tastic! :3

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  • Sweet Eve

    I like doing recolors, so, i'm going to do a very big list with a lot of recolors.

    For now, only have a few recolors, but i'll add more.

    If you have any idea for a recolor, or you simply want me to do a recolor of your favorite racer, just leave a comment down below!

    Name: Apply McPuddin

    Recolor of: Minty Zaki

    Theme: Pudding

    Kart's name: The Puddin Glider 

    Name: Bluehead

    Recolor of: Candlehead

    Theme: Birthday Cake's and Blue Rasberry

    Kart's name: The Blue-Frost

    Name: Popwizzel O'Doop

    Recolor of: Swizzle Mararkey

    Theme: Chocolate

    Kart's name: The Choco-Corn

    Name: Flynn Buzznut

    Recolor of: Gloyd Orangeboar

    Theme: Candycorns and Mellowcreme Pumpkins

    Kart's name: F-Pump Speedy

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Thanks for being nice to me on my first day here! I'll try and help out as much as I possibly can during my spare the meantime, thanks!

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    How do you use a talk page? I've never dealed with one before.....because on Poptropica wiki, we have a message wall (which is different from a talk page). So what are the basic's?

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Um, lets just change the suject from that last post.....(my bad)

    Do you think Vanellope would be a good fit with the Disney Princesses? (Yes I know she's the President) but what do you think?

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Hello :)

    May 10, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    Hey guys, I'm new here (only to this wiki) and I wanted to ask a silly question to get to know everyone.

    Was there a candy that you wanted featured in Sugar Rush?

    Was there a character or game you wanted featured in WIR?

    Have a great day! :)

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  • Wintermelon43

    title says all.

    mine is a three way tie between minty zaki,candlehead,and rancis fluggerbutter.what is yours

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  • Issymail

    This topic interests me with the fact that Turbo Time got unplugged and Turbo is considered the only character from Turbo Time that survived when the game was unplugged but what about the TurboTwins did they survive when Turbo Time got unplugged.  They are the only characters categorized as presumably dead characters. Do you think the TurboTwins survived or died when Turbo Time got unplugged?

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  • Hannahfhgfghrg


    May 9, 2013 by Hannahfhgfghrg


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  • Hannahfhgfghrg

    Hey : )

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  • CandleheadMinty


    May 7, 2013 by CandleheadMinty

    Have you ever heard of shipping? I'ts when a person thinks one person likes another even though i'ts not a fact. I ship people, like the Sugar Rush Racers for example. I think it should be Rancis and Vanellope, Gloyd and Jubilenna, and Taffyta and Swizzle. Who do you ship?

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