"As bad guys, we've all felt what you're feeling, Ralph, and we've come to terms with it. Now, let's close out with the Bad Guy Affirmation"

Clyde is one of the ghost enemies from the Pac-Man video game series. He runs the weekly Bad-Anon villains support group which is located in the ghost pen of the game Pac-Man. He is seen floating around when the other members of Bad-Anon leave his game.


Clyde is a round, orange ghost with large, blue eyes. He has a small mouth and the base of his body billows around him as he hovers, giving him his ethereal and ghostly appearance. When he's upset, his body goes rigid, turns a bright blue, and his facial features turn ghostly white with a grimace.


Clyde: Orange and Finally in Charge

"Clyde, the orange ghost who—along with pals Inky, Blinky, and Pinky—has made PAC-MAN's life difficult. These days, old Clyde leads the weekly Bad-Anon meeting in his spare time."


  • Clyde is the only Pac-Man ghost to have a speaking line in the whole film.
  • The first time he speaks, the DVD subtitles erroneously refer to him as "Blinky", which is actually the name of the red ghost. Further subtitles give him his correct name.


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