DJ Licious Waferhead is an anthropomorphic cookie that provided the house music at The Wheelhouse Club, a discotheque in Sugar Rush.

He was ultimately dropped from the film due to script changes and time constraints.  


DJ Licious Waferhead is a gray humanoid character with a large wafer cookie for a head. His face is marked by a waffle-like pattern indicative of his origin, and he boasts a bushy purple afro. He has large round eyes, a small purple nose, a large jubilant smile, and a bristly purple toothbrush mustache. He wears white gloves and a beaded pendant around his neck.

He is capable of splitting his face and body symmetrically down the center to create another "twin" of himself. In this form, both disc jockeys only have one eye, and the cream-filled insides of their heads can be seen.

Role in the Film

DJ Licious Waferhead worked the turntables, mixing techno beats, and making club commentary to entertain the crowd. He assisted the club owner, Lady Go Go, in her live performances and in her dance-off minigame, in which Vanellope and Ralph took part.

DJ Licious had the unique ability of splitting his own body in half and into two separate (yet identical) entities. He apparently used this to his advantage in order to improve his musical production. 



  • The process in which he splits his body is similar to mitosis. 
  • It's unknown if he is two beings in one body or one body that can seperate into two beings. However, the latter is heavily implied.
  • DJ Licious and Duncan are the only candy citizens to have facial hair.

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