ComicZone c

The magazine cover.

Disney Comic Zone is a single-issue magazine that was published in the winter of 2012. Despite its similarities with the defunct Disney Adventures Comic Zone, it does not appear to be a continuing syndication of the series.

As the title suggests, the magazine includes many comics, games, and posters from various Disney properties, with Wreck-It Ralph (film) being featured the most prominently. There are two Wreck-It Ralph comics in the magazine including: "Wrecking Party" and "The Donut Kart".

"Wrecking Party"

"The Donut Kart"

"Comic 3"


  • Publication: Winter 2012
  • Shelf Display: Until 1/22/2013
  • Price: 9.99 USD; 9.99 CAD
  • Pages: 100
  • Indicia Publisher: Disney Publishing Worldwide
  • Dimensions: Magazine
  • Publishing Format: One-Shot

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