Lady Go Go was a singing and dancing diva who presided over The Wheelhouse Club in Sugar Rush. In early versions of the film, Ralph and Vanellope had to win a crucial part for their kart by competing in a dance-off against the celebrity.

However, she was ultimately dropped from the film due to script changes and time constraints.  

Inspiration and Appearance

According to Leo Matsuda, Lady Go Go was influenced by popular artists like Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga (from whom she takes her name). 

Because she was never given a final design, her appearance differs somewhat in all of her concept art. However, in all her representations she is depicted as a tall, voluptuous young woman with a pop idol motif. She has big, blonde hair that is styled in to crazy coiffures, and wears designer dresses paired with high stiletto platforms. 

She owns many candy-themed outfits and accessories, including peppermint earrings and shoes, candyfloss hair extensions, and a large Oreo sunhat. The glowsticks she uses may also be a form of florescent licorice or taffy. 

Role in the Film

Lady Go Go was the owner of the popular discotheque called The Wheelhouse Club. Alongside DJ Licious Waferhead, she gave musical performances at the club and was considered a local celebrity in Sugar Rush. Additionally, she was in charge of running the dance-off minigame required for racers to earn parts for their kart.  

In the end, Ralph and Vanellope managed to beat Lady Go Go at her own game and won the component they were missing.



  • Although she was inspired by mainstream pop icons, many of Lady Go Go's designs, as well as the theme of the Wheelhouse Club, suggest she was more of a house or techno artist.
  • She is supposedly the second "mini-game boss" Vanellope and Ralph encounter, the first one being Cornelius Cobb

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