Cy-Bugs flying towards the beacon.

The Research Lab is a massive, 99-story tower and an abandoned scientific facility featured in Hero's Duty. Built on a planet with no name, the lab was created for scientists to experiment and tinker with their new creations called Cy-Bugs. However, when the "experiment went horribly wrong", the Cy-Bugs took over the building and planet, destroying anything and everything in their path. 

The Research Lab is now one of the prominent war zones in the gameplay of Hero's Duty, and the resting place of the Medal of Heroes

—the commemoration given to those who successfully clear all 99 floors of the tower.  At the end of gameplay, the tower emits a giant beacon of green-blue light that attracts the remaining Cy-Bugs until the next quarter drop.

Official Summary


Ralph breaks into the research lab.

"The Research Lab is a perfect breeding ground for these data-hungry critters. The towering building has 99 floors of corridors, computers, and conveniently-placed exploding barrels. There's lots of nice dark corners and complex digital hives in which Cy-bugs can breed, and plenty of virtual weaponry for them to incorporate into their programming."

"Everyone entering the facility has the same goal- to de-bug every floor and make it all the way to 99, where the coveted Medal of Heroes awaits. Just because the objective is simple doesn't mean it's easy- the higher you go, and the closer to the medal you get, the harder your mission becomes."


  • When designing the 99-story tower, artists envisioned the Manhattan skyline on its side for scale and sharpness.
  • Sergeant Calhoun's first fiancé, Dr. Brad Scott, worked as a scientist within the research facility.