Skittles was a vicious, fire-breathing uni-candy-corn from Sugar Rush who acted as King Candy's pet and familiar. He is seen in the cut scene "The Maize Maze", in which he is brought into the corn maze to hinder Vanellope and Ralph's quest to get an engine. He was ultimately cut from the final film due to time restraints and changes to the storyline. 


Skittles is a small, chubby, pink unicorn with a rounded, marshmallow-like body. He has a large head with big, innocent eyes and delicate black eyelashes. He has a wavy black mane and tail, and no visible ears. His most defining feature is his large candy corn horn sitting prominently on his forehead. 


Contrary to his appearance, Skittles is extremely hostile and savage. His only alliance is with King Candy, who treats him as his loyal steed, and later on, he supposedly grows close to Felix. Skittles does not hesitate to attack any enemies of the King, and uses his razor sharp teeth, sharp candy horn, and fiery breath as weapons. 



Wreck-It Ralph Deleted Scene - The Maize Maze02:26

Wreck-It Ralph Deleted Scene - The Maize Maze

The Maize Maze video, featuring Skittles


  • The species, uni-candy-corn, is obviously a pun on Unicorn and Candycorn.
  • Skittles's personality may be based on the original nature of unicorns; in early mythology, unicorns were not a symbol of peace and tranquility, but in fact were considered wild and violent beasts.
  • His personality is also similar to that of Whirlwind's from Skylanders. Both are cute unicorns, but both are vicious.
    • However, Whirlwind's vicious personality may be due to her being half dragon.
  • His name is based on the candy with the same name.

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