Ralph and Vanellope at The Wheelhouse Club, by Jeff Turley.

The Wheelhouse Club was planned as a popular discotheque in Sugar Rush. It was ultimately dropped from the final film due to time constraints and changes within the storyline. 

Role in the Film

In early screenings, the gaming goals of Sugar Rush were a mash-up of racing, dancing, and minigames. Instead of creating a kart in the bakery, Vanellope and Ralph had to earn the kart parts in various challenges. One of these challenges included defeating the club owner, Lady Go Go, in a dance-off competition. 


The building exterior is primarily red and white, with the front door and lobby being a number of large, layered peppermints. The side rooms appear to be upside-down, tinfoil wrapped peanut butter cups with smaller peppermint pinwheels and smokestacks on the rooftops.


Candy ravers by Lorelay Bove.

Specializing in house and techno music mixed by DJ Licious Waferhead, the club was a happening place filled with laser light shows, smoke effects, glow sticks, and small candy ravers. 

Lady Go Go, the club owner and local Sugar Rush celebrity, often gave performances onstage in which she sang, danced, and showed off her latest fashions. Artist Leo Matsuda was responsible for developing and storyboarding the sequence.