I may make a forum thread on this later, but does a manual of style sound good to anyone? Basically, it would be a guideline (different from a policy in that it's good to follow/a nice thing to guide an editor, but it not an outright RULE), a guideline on best practices for writing and/or organization of an article. It doesn't have to be too lengthy or complicated, but I'm unsure what to include, and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks it could be a good idea.

If you still can't visualize what a manual of style might be or just want examples, here are a few, from both Wikimedia wikis and Wikia wikis:

  • WP:MOS - The English Wikipedia's manual of style
  • simple:WP:MOS - The Simple English Wikipedia's manual of style (included here because it uses simpler terms than the standard English one--other languages can be found in the sidebar of these links if you're more comfortable reading other languages for any reason)
  • Bulbapedia:MOS - Bulbapedia's (Bulbagarden's Pokémon wiki's) manual of style
  • w:c:lego:BP:MOS - Brickipedia's (LEGO Wiki's) manual of style

As a point of clarification these guidelines would be intended almost solely for article/gallery pages and such, and so they wouldn't apply to, say, user pages or anything. But I thought I'd raise the question.

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