Hey! You there! Yeah, you! You ever wanted to be part of a great wiki, but one that needs a little help and polishing?

Then this wiki is the wiki for you!

Help with content creation! Help with image tagging! Categorizing! Reverting and warning vandals! Template creation! I'm sure you have the skills to be a great help here!

So what are you waiting for? Start editing!





Okay, so truthfully, I know most of the people who look at this are probably not people who really need to see the message (that is, they already help here). But I'm starting to get a weird "in over our heads" feeling, like this wiki needs too much work in too many areas for our small ragtag group. Page work is down to nothing. Vandals are swinging by and blanking things. My own image and template work has stalled.

Just... yeah. Have fun with this post.

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