It's official—PurpleCitrusTagBOT is an official bot, flagged and all! Expect it to begin tasks... eh, whenever I get a good chunk of time, probably, to plan things.

And soon, it shall take over the whole of the wiki and become supreme ruler... I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!

...Okay, all jokes aside, I was actually specifically pledged to make sure it didn't, quote, "achieve sentience and attempt to destroy humanity". It's my slave, and I'm its owner, and if it's doing something bad during one of its edit sprees (which will happen when I have lengths of time where I can run AWB without it getting disturbed (i.e. nights and weekends)), tell me on my wall/talk, or if you're an admin, you can either immediately block it (which eliminates the need for me to turn it off to figure out what went wrong) or try to contact me first.

So, yeah, bot for tagging tasks and some other stuff. Felt the need for an announcement.

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