Not cats like the animal, but cat as in short for category. I'm planning on beginning to categorize images based on topic, and this will probably be done with my bot, much in the way I went through and tagged images for fair use. Below is an example of some tentative tag heirarchy. The top categories are already-extant ones here, and the images will be placed in subcategories/"children" of those, as opposed to the main ones. If I've listed something below two "top" categories, that just means it will be a subcategory of both, as there can't be two categories with identical names.

All categories' names are presently tentative. It is also possible some of the "top" categories I'm listing are subcategories themselves (for instance, the Sugar Rush ones). In these cases, the new categories may be simply placed under the lowest subcategory. I also have several more tags planned than I've typed out, I'm just frazzled on the heirarchy and I don't like typing long things.

  • Category:Characters
    • Category:Images of characters
      • Category:Images of Ralph
      • Category:Images of Sergeant Calhoun
      • Category:Images of Felix
    • Category:Sugar Rush Characters
      • Category:Images of Sugar Rush characters
        • Category:Images of Vanellope von Schweetz
      • Etc.

The heirarchy above is a short example, as I have plans to sort by location and such as well (for instance, an image that takes place in Sugar Rush and has Vanellope in it could be tagged with the Vanellope image cat as well as something like Category:Images of Sugar Rush).

The images could theoretically be placed within the parent categories, but I'm anticipating some of the image groups to be quite large, and I don't want to disrupt or highly complicate categories that list articles as well, so subcategories seemed best.

I anticipate this making images of a specific character easier to locate (for instance, "Category:Images of Vanellope" would have every image of Vanellope that has been uploaded to the wiki, even if it's not in an article, and it might help to find good images to include in articles). It may also help to weed out duplicates, as there are less images to go through in a category of, say, Candlehead images than all images ever. The categories I'm suggesting are meant for official media and screenshots, but it's possible a fanart subcategory of the image cats could be created as well (for instance, "Fanart of Vanellope" as a subcategory of "Images of Vanellope").

I'll probably start on this when I get some major free time, but I felt the need to announce my plans.

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