(Wow... are these blogs ALL going to be dry? But yeah, ran into an issue and decided to make a post about it.)

Anyways, it's your image whiz (well, okay, not THAT far) here. It seems a lot of images here are uploaded with generic filenames (1, photo, screenshot, image, untitled), but if you're not careful, you can overwrite another image on the wiki that also had that generic filename! (For an example, check out the history on File:Wreck-it-ralph.jpg. Two completely different images that may need to be split.) I don't know if name changing is an option with the upload toolbar button, but in Special:Upload, you can give a file any page name you want on the wiki, even if you don't want to change its name on your computer (i.e., you could have a file named untitled.bmp on your computer and upload it through Special:Upload where you could specify the destination filename as Bunch of flowers.bmp).


Click "more options", there is a "licensing" dropdown

And as a reminder, please remember to tag screenshots with {{fairuse}} (and if you know the license of other types of image you upload, tag those appropriately, too)! Anyone can tag an image right when they upload it! If you use the button on the toolbar (as opposed to using Special:Upload, where it's right out there in the licensing dropdown), it will be hidden behind a "show more" link in the place where you can edit captions and things after uploading. If it is an image from the movie, please try to tag it as fair use! (And if you forget, you can always add {{fairuse}} to the file's info page.) Just make sure your tags are correct, and don't tag things as your own image if they're not something you yourself made (this is a problem on other wikis, and there are ways of knowing if it's tagged incorrectly).


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