I felt an intense need to write a blog about it. (It's late and I've had a bad day, so excuse if the tone sounds too angry, though a bit of anger would have happened regardless.)

Some fanart that is similar or identical to some that has been uploaded/deleted from here was added to the Wreck-It Ralph Wikipedia article.

This wiki has rules against fanon and fanart.
Wikipedia (and Wikimedia Commons even more so) have VERY STRONG policies against copyright violations as well as strong, researched policies regarding the addition of fair use images to their wikis. Way stronger than ours. A fanart image is not acceptable for encyclopedic discourse on their wiki. It is also not acceptable for coverage in articles here in 99.999999999999999% of cases.

If something isn't acceptable here, it almost certainly isn't acceptable on a Wikimedia Foundation wiki, and they are a lot less lax with blocking as well.

On the chance their uploader there is an editor here, considering they claimed the fanart as their own.

Again, not quite our scope, not anything we can truly do about it, but a blog I felt the need to write on the chance someone learns something from it.

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