Over the next week, I'm thinking of combing through as many galleries as possible to attempt to remove too-similar images. Comprehensive galleries are nice, but galleries that are TOO comprehensive just look cluttered and could also spell legal issues for the wiki (there have been sites that Disney has come after for having once-per-second screencaps; frame-by-frame could be even worse). I'm not planning on removing tons and tons of images here, just picking the best out of a frame-by-frame and removing the rest (this is also in line with the possible quality guidelines I'm working on getting ready to propose to you guys. Gifs will likely stay, provided they are not identical/too similar; if that happens, I'll probably choose a better one based on criteria I've yet to determine (quality, attribution/watermarks) and may go as far as deleting the duplicate, if appropriate.

Just wanted to give you a heads up! Have a great week! :P

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