It's my vacation!

Past about Saturday, I will pretty much (hopefully!) be able to devote more time here.

Some of the things I plan to do:

  • More image categorization (with bot)
    • Maybe some cleanup/deletion of images when they're more organized
  • Some article cleanup (me)
  • Image license tagging ({{fairuse}}, etc., could be bot or me)
  • Template ideas being created in my subpages
  • Policy flesh-outs (any policy drafts are visible/editable at User:Citrusellaeditswikis/Policy ideas, and anything completely new (as opposed to clarification of existing policy) will probably have a forum topic asking if it is appropriate to add)
  • Making this wiki extra super duper awesome!

From now until tomorrow-ish, I may be caught up in making a final project for one of my classes, but rest assured that I will be around soon enough!

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