Alright, I've hard about Wreck-it Rakph 2 being about Mario and the internet... I really don't think this is true, I've heard they'll have Super Smash Bros. Characters (Link, Yoshi team, ect....), and I really just want to see more Sugar Rush! I have a big soft spot for Sugar Rush, personally, I want to see more of the characters that were only seen in a few scenes. For example:

  1. Gloyd Orangeboar. He was the HARDEST for me to tack down in the 20 something times I've seen the movie. He was one of my favorite characters, in the 4th time through the move, I turn to my friend and say, "Hey, *friend name*. Who's that guy? I didn't see him before...." I got a, "Oh, him? That's Gloyd Orangeboar! One of my favorites!" from *friend's name*. 
  2. Swizzle Malarkey. Ok, this character I kept being told about. On the 5th time through the movie, I spot him, "Hey! A character I didn't see before!" I say to myself, then immediatly look up the character and find out about him.
  3. The re-colors. I was a COMPLETE idiot to have to be tomd FOUR TIMES, "Hey *my name*! There's Minty's recolor, Sticky Whipplesnit!" my friend said. "Who?" I reply, "Sticky Whipplesnit!" "Oh."
  4. Rancis Fluggerbutter. Alright, I LOVE this character, I thought this cute little racer was just TOO ADORABLE for someone to say, "Him?" They say, disgusted, "Ugh, *My name*, how do you like this character? He has blonde hair/freckles/blue eyes/based off of Reese's/(and the worst)HE WON'T STOP LOOKING AT THE MIRROR!/(and, let's not forget)ugh, his voice." I would gasp and say, "That character has blonde hair, freckles, blue eyes, based off of Reese's and his voice is not bad. You just don't see why he's my favorite." 
  5. The Sugar Rush racers. I LOVED these cute little ones! I just want to hug 'em to death!

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