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Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is an upcoming 3D computer-animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by Rich Moore. It will serve as the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. It is set to premiere November 21, 2018.[1]

Possible plot

In a few interviews around the time of the first movie, Rich Moore revealed some of his ideas for the sequel's storyline. One idea mentioned included expanding the gaming universe onto different planes. He particularly made a point on including mobile and online gaming, believing it would be "great to work in a story about those types of games that are so prevalent, contemporary and part of today's culture."

Another possible plot point Moore brought up was the possibility of Ralph and the gang meeting other versions of themselves, from other arcades or more modernized platforms. It is unknown if Mario or Tron, two cameos teased in early interviews to appear in the sequel, will have an important role in the film or if they will have a role in the film at all.

In Disney's official announcement, John C. Reilly appeared and noted, "Ralph leaves the arcade and wrecks the Internet".[2] In an interview with Collider, Rich Moore stated that the movie would take place six years after Wreck-It Ralph, in the current day.[3] He also commented that "Ralph and Vanellope are back" and they "are in the process of landing [the supporting voice actors] again".[3] Rich Moore hinted in a tweet that Alan Tudyk would return, though he didn't provide information as to whether the actor might reprise his role as Turbo or take on an entirely new character.[4]

Expected voice cast


WIR 2 first released concept

Concept art for the film, released with the official announcement of its premiere date

According to Rich Moore, the first film "barely scratched the surface" of the video game world he and the developers envisioned, and a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph is currently being discussed. Mario and Tron have also been confirmed to make cameos in the sequel.

The idea of a sequel holds interest for a lot of people involved with the original film, including the artists, technicians, and voice actors, but as it is still in its beginning stages, most details about the film are currently unknown. If the film is greenlit and confirmed, it will be Walt Disney Animation Studios first sequel to be theatrically released since The Rescuers Down Under.

Henry Jackman confirmed here that a storyline for Wreck-It Ralph 2 is being written. In July 2015, John C. Reilly announced that he'd signed on to work on the sequel.[7] In September 2015, Jack McBrayer was asked by Screen Rant about the state of the projected sequel, but he revealed that he did not know much of anything and joked that it would be awkward if Felix was not in the film.[8]

In an official announcement on June 30, 2016, Rich Moore appeared, along with Phil Johnston and John C. Reilly, to announce the film's release date, which was originally March 9, 2018.[2] Moore and Johnston will co-direct it. In an interview with Oh My Disney the same day, Moore said of what could be expected in the film, that it would have "everything [people] loved about the first one and a whole lot more".[9]

Its title was announced at CinemaCon on March 28, 2017.[10][11][12] In late April 2017, it was announced that its release date was moved from the originally announced March to November 2018.[1]


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